Judith Ikeagbo: Mother, Two Children Graduated Same Day At Covenant University

Judith (M) with her children at CU 2021 Convocation Ceremony

By Ayo Ajayi

Mrs. Judith Ikeagbo recently graduated with two of her children at Covenant University. She revealed how she was able to handle being a student, a wife, mother of five children, and business.

Who is Judith Ikeagbo?

Firstly, I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, a mother of five lovely children, and a Managing Director of Christomex Enterprise, a waste recycling company.

I always tell people that Success doesn’t come easy; I have ventured into several businesses, from frying Akara on the street to selling Okrika clothes, etc. (Laughed).

We learned that you obtained your 1st Degree at CU. What year and course of study?

Yes, I obtained my 1st degree in 2019 (Peculiar set); I needed to gather emerging skills that would aid my business. That’s the reason I enrolled in Business Administration. I graduated with second class upper, then I proceeded for my 2nd degree MSc Business Administration and graduated with 4.1 CGPA.

One of the last wishes my late father told my husband, was that he desires me to finish my education. My husband promised my late father, and he went the extra mile to fulfill the promise because I didn’t stop at a first degree but ensured that I completed my second degree.

Children and their programmes at CU

My first son is Sylvester Chinaza Ikeagbo, studied Information and communication engineering and graduated with a second class upper honours (CGPA 4.3)

My first daughter is Jessica Chinonso Ikeagbo, who studied accounting and graduated with first-class honours.

My second daughter Christabel is presently in 300level studying Mass Communication.

Why study at CU?

My husband and I value quality education; our research for higher institutions in preparing our children made us come about Covenant University. At that time, we saw an advert for Undergraduate Part-time programmes, and my husband motivated me to enroll, which I did.

The quality of teaching, intense research as assignments, and ready lecturers convinced me that this is the place for our children in which my husband agreed with me.

Covenant University records in less than two decades of being in existence are outstanding.

How did you cope with paying for 4 of you in a private university?

Nothing of quality comes easy; many sacrifices have gone into it, God has proven Himself faithful in our lives over time, and my husband has always desired the best for the family.

How did you handle being a student, mother, wife as well as business?

(Sigh) It is not easy at all; roles conflict requires a lot of hard work, especially when you talk about Work-life Balance. Being a wife, my primary role to my lovely husband is vital, then my role as a mother to my five children is paramount. Finally, I must be sincere; we all know what it takes to run a business in a VUCA environment Nigeria inclusive and the challenges that come with it.

The first 3years of my 5years part-time BSc programme; I wanted to quit at some point as a result of the pressure that comes with it because I was like what is the need of the degree when I have my business; I am not looking for a job anyway, so it doesn’t worth the stress. But my husband and my children encouraged me not to give up and gave me all the support needed.

Then my Master’s programme is another world of knowledge that came with enormous demands. The sleepless nights, the tears to my husband at night, the sickness out of stress… wow, I can’t mention all but all glory to God that my family and I are celebrating today!

Any advice to other women who are doing or may want to achieve what you have achieved?

I called it CHPH

Consistency, Humility, Prayer, and Honesty.

These are my core values, and it has helped me in all areas as a wife, mother, career woman, and student

Consistency is the rule of my game; although it might look slow, I will always keep pushing! Going back to school after nineteen years requires consistent studying day and night to bridge the study gap. Also, the same value has helped me in raising my children.

Humility; we live in a world that pride has almost taken. I cherish humility, and I replicate the same in my children.

Prayer; is the key to a secure life. Tabling everything to God, the plans, desires, and everything. One can only get it done with the almighty God.

Honesty; No one wants to deal with a cunning person; truthfulness will always speak for you and market your brand.

Please never give up my fellow women out there; the pressure might be much; however, you shall surely win and be celebrated with these values.

We don’t just belong to the kitchen and other rooms; we belong to the room of knowledge, growth, decision making, change management, and above all, room of world changers!

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