If You Don’t Want to Die in Frustration, Think Contribution – Oyedepo

Ayo Ajayi

The Chancellor of Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Dr. David Oyedepo has charged the graduates of the University to think contribution if they don’t want to die in frustration.

Edutorial.ng reports that Dr Oyedepo said this in his special remarks to the 468 graduating students’ code named ‘Noble Set 2017’ at the 4th Convocation Ceremony of the University on Friday, July 14, 2017, at the University campus.

“If you don’t want to die in frustration, think contribution. If you want to make a real mark in life, think contribution. You will never be remembered for what you have, you will be remembered for what you add. Think contribution. Living for survival makes a slave, live for others. Only those who live for others become leaders. Think contribution,” he said poetically.

Dr. Oyedepo, who is also the Chairman, Board of Regents (the highest governing body) of the University also told the graduating students to be job creators and not job seekers.

“The cheapest way to be a job creator is to engage in ‘Agropreneurship.’ Getting involved in what will remain relevant for life. No matter the development and height anyone will scale, food will remain ever relevant.

He emphasised the relevance of food to life noting that both young and old would need food for survival. “Even mad people on the street need food to stay alive and they would go hunting for it wherever they can get it. Until life ceases to be, food will remain forever relevant.

The Chancellor advised them to get involved in food production in other to remain relevant in life. “Find a place for yourself in this open market and take responsibility so you don’t live as a liability. The reason why we are running this aggro-preneurship programme is to give everybody a taste for agricultural practice. Whether you have BSc Computer Science or B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering, you will still need food.

“No matter what you know or you don’t know, you still need food. The last thing that will get out of anybody’s budget is food. Clothes may not be there, a car may not be there, houses may not be there, but food? It remains a life-long essential. The market is forever open.”

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