LASPOTECH Produces Mechanical Ventilator, Other COVID-19 Saving Equipment

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu, says it has produced mechanical ventilator, foot pedal hand washing machine and other COVID-19 life-saving equipment.

Its Head of Department, Mr Adekunle Yekini, said at the unveiling of the COVID-19 life-saving equipment organised by the institution on Thursday in Lagos, that it would help reduce and combat the pandemic.

Yekini said that aside from the mechanical ventilator, they also produced sensor-controlled handwashing machine and walk through sanitation booth in order to prepare for school resumption to reduce the spread of the virus among students.

“We decided to produce and develop these equipment which were made with local materials in support of the eradication of COVID-19 and kill any bacteria or virus in our body and hands.

“The equipment are durable, portable and movable, which means they can be moved from one place to another; so everybody can have access to them.

“We also produced two series of handwashing machine, one is 100 per cent mechanical system, while the other is 100 per cent electrical system.

“The foot pedal handwashing machine is very rugged and does not need electricity to work, but uses legs to control on the pedal to dispense soap and water which can be stationed in remote communities,” he said.

Also, Dr Lukman Animashun, Principal lecturer at the institution, said that they were motivated to design the mechanical ventilator and PC units due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Animashun, also the ICT Director, said that after the production the ventilator had undergone thorough assessment by the school’s medical specialists and experts for usage at the institution’s clinic.

“We produced two different sizes one for adult and the other for children because we noticed that imported ventilators in the hospitals are expensive and only adults can use it.

“This mechanical ventilator will be good for patients suffering from respiratory problem and COVID-19 which will help them to breath perfectly well.

“It took us a month to produce this equipment to international standards,
and they are both mechanical and electrical system,” he said.

Animashun said the mechanical ventilator has speed variation which helps to control it individually and mechanically and the PC units to monitor the conditions of the patients.

He said the locally made ventilator was a good development which would also reduce import of ventilators and as well ensure that most hospitals have access to it.

In his comments, Mr Samuel Sogunro, Rector of the institution, said the equipment was designed to help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Sogunro said he called the engineers in the school on what they could produce locally to assist the governments to eradicate Coronavirus.

“The engineers came up with these equipment we are seeing today; they would have finished since, but the total lockdown had affected them.

“The students will be using the equipment when they resume and those in charge of the mass production are planning on the process.

“Efforts of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in producing this COVID-19 equipment will be assessed by the Lagos State Government.

“After approval, we can start mass production of the equipment at an affordable rate,” he said.

Sogunro urged investors to fund the innovation to help boost mass production of the equipment.

“We need investors to key into the idea and fund the process, because currently, governments are facing a lot of challenges.

“But, we still need the state government to approve and certified the equipment,” he said.

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