LASU Cancels Ph.D. Criterion for Medical Applicants for VC’s Position

The Lagos State University (LASU) has rescinded its decision to make a Ph.D. degree a criterion for medical and dental professionals who wish to apply for the Vice-Chancellor position in the institution.

This reversal was contained in a new advertorial signed by the Registrar, Mr. Emmanuel Fanu on August 13 Friday.

LASU had published three advertisements in three newspapers, stating that possession of a postgraduate Medical Fellowship was an unacceptable qualification for candidates wishing to apply for a vacant position of VC in the school.

It was added in the advertorial that every candidate must possess a Ph.D. and must have supervised such.

In the new advertorial, the institution said: “Possession of a postgraduate Medical Fellowship is an acceptable qualification for candidates wishing to apply for a vacant position of VC, Lagos State University.

“For candidates in the Medical and Dental professions, supervision of Ph.D. as earlier advertised is also not mandatory.

“All other details as earlier published in the aforementioned National Dailies remain unchanged,” the institution said in the advertorial.

The institution, also, directed all applicants to apply on or before September 3, noting that the closing date has been extended due to the adjustment in the criteria for the position.

This sudden change in the criteria was announced 13 days after a Senate representative on the Joint Council and Senate Selection Committee for the appointment of the LASU’s 9th VC, Prof. Fidelis Njonkama resigned.

Njonkama had resigned after he failed to convince the Governing Council to include a postgraduate Medical Fellowship as one of the criteria for the appointment of a substantive VC for LASU.

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