Lessons And Inspiring Quotes From Joyce Meyer’s Book “Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You Are Going”

By Similoluwa Babafemi

Life is to be enjoyed and celebrated and not endured. Therefore, it is essential we relish life’s journeys in order to arrive at our destinations. God created life and he wants us to enjoy every bit of his creation. Joyce Meyer explained how to enjoy life in her book titled “Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going”. I learnt some lessons and extracted some inspiring quotes from the book and would love to share.

  1. It should be a deliberate choice that we want to enjoy life, notwithstanding the circumstances that surround us. We must learn to enjoy everything because the little, insignificant things are significant in the overall big picture.
  2. The world is not going to change. It is our approach to life that should change. Therefore, when life gives us a lemon, we should make it into lemonade.
  3. Do not try to change people, accept them the way they are, enjoy them and let God change them.
  4. Our lives journeys entail seeking God’s will for our lives, allowing him to deal with us about attitude and issues, desiring to know his call upon our lives and yearning to fulfil it. Sometimes in this journey, we will encounter disappointments and challenges, which should be enjoyed on our way to the destination.
  5. We must learn to appreciate where we are currently while seeking the next phase of our lives.
  6. We must relish each phase of our lives because each phase is vital to the next one.
  7. Quality is better than Quantity
  8. If we want to enjoy life, we must shun fear, stress, worry, impatience, anxiety or depression. We must take time to enjoy God’s creation and the work of our hands.
  9. We must let go of the past in order to grasp the future.
  10. Do not dread the future because it robs you of your joy and enjoyment. Do your part, do not procrastinate; then, leave the rest in the hands of God.
  11. You cannot be happy when you live in unbelief. You must have faith to be joyful.
  12. Joyce Meyer said, “Jesus did not die for you and me that we might be miserable. He died to deliver us from every kind of oppression and misery. His work is already finished, and the only thing that remains is for us to believe”.
  13. “God has made ample provision for our failures, but our greatest failure, He can do nothing about. Why? Because our greatest failure is the failure to believe what He said. To believe is our part. He does all the rest, but it is our decision to choose life or death”(Meyer 44)
  14. Meyer said, “I tell people that they would be better off to believe and never see any results than not to believe and never see any results. (Believing will produce good results, but I am making a point.)”
  15. We need to embrace simplicity if truly we want to enjoy life. When we are complicated within; then, everything else in life appears that way to us.
  16. Life is not complex. It is our approach to it that is complex.
  17. “I was abused in my childhood and, as a result, I was very insecure about myself. People who are insecure normally strive to impress others because they feel they are not very impressive being who they are” (Meyer56).
  18. “Sometimes our desires torment us and keep us from enjoying life” (Meyer 60)
  19. “There are two ways to be fulfilled: By working to acquire more or by learning to desire less”
  20. If we want to be happy in life, we should learn to reconcile. This way we will be free from unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. “Be a peacemaker, and you will have a lot of joy”.
  21. When you develop a healthy relationship with your parents, peers and God, you have good self-esteem. Self-esteem is who you are not what you have done.
  22. As children of God, we should not live in the bondage of any kind.
  23. In order to enjoy life, we should appreciate nature. For instance, you can stop by and smell the roses, observe the sun while it sets, among other things.
  24. “Like Joshua, if you and I are to make our way prosperous and have good success in this life, we will definitely need to put our thoughts and words on something other than the problem that faces us. We need to stop thinking about the problem and, sometimes, we even need to stop praying about the problem. If we have prayed, God has heard”.
  25. “Victory is not the absence of problems but the presence of power”
  26. “ There is a lot of creativity inside of us that we need to tap into without fear”
  27. In order to enjoy life, we must embrace variety and diversity. At times, we should do what we want not what we need. For instance, you may need to quench your thirst with water which is available, but you desire ice cream, just go for the ice cream.
  28. We should not look at other people’s choices and lifestyles to decide what to do.
  29. We need to be patient if we want to enjoy life. Impatience is pride. When we are patient, we will be perfect and be lacking in nothing. If we are patient, we will grow out of the range of being controlled by Satan, by his work through circumstance or irritable people.
  30. “Don’t despise the event in life that work patience ­­- things that cause you to have to wait well. They are friends, not enemies. They are helping you get to where you are going. Their purpose is to help you get there with joy”. (Meyer 186).
  31. “Some of the hardest work a person can take on is the job of trying to control everybody around him” (Meyer 187).
  32. “The pain of rejection is hard to bear; therefore, we are very tempted to simply comply rather than stand for our freedom. We can quickly become men-pleasers rather than God-pleasers. Then we are not happy. There is no peace and no joy. We are not enjoying anything and often we do not know why” (Meyer189).
  33. “Keeping quiet about what we think we observe as faults in other people show humility” (Meyer 207).

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