Louis Egwari Writes On “Different Worlds: A Call To A Life Of Abundance”

Why should Solomon the acclaimed wisest king in scripture say it is useless, useless, life is useless, all useless (Ecclesiastes 1: 2, GNB). He was given the spirit of wisdom and he set out to search out all things, to try all things, and to be all things yet found no satisfaction. In his meditation, he said lean not on your own understanding, but in everything acknowledge God. God is the Center of human life for in his light is our lives. A clear understanding of our purpose on earth will enable us to live life to its fullness as ascribed in God’s dominion verdict for man. For a truth God has blessed us with all heavenly blessings as a great and effectual door is open up to us, but there are many adversaries. Doors of breakthroughs, exploits, and greatness, but we are called to live in harmony with one another and to care for all of God’s creation in love; love God with all your heart with all your soul and might and love your neighbor as yourself. This is the one and great commandment.

Adam in Eden before the fall of man exemplified the beauty and harmony God brought man into. But something went wrong, and the path of man became distorted and he grope in darkness. Instead of beauty man has experienced ashes, instead of honor, shame has come upon him and instead of leisure, he has been burdened with hardship. From Adam to our own dispensation the scriptures paint vividly man’s journey highlighting deviation from God’s path, consequences, and God’s eternal love for man. It is a story of God made good, a man entangled and God restored. This is playing out in our daily lives as individuals, family units, and the world at large. Christians have been called beacons of the new hope. Are we living up to this divine ordination? Find out in this book The Different Worlds: a call to a life of abundance as you explore to discover the heritage of the sons of God. We have been redeemed as priests and kings to reign on the earth (Revelation 5: 10).

Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere, that Jesus Christ is Love. This book is about the love of God to Man from creation and how God has brought us to the throne of grace that by faith we shall know Him and love Him and enter into the fullness of the abundant life He has given to us. It is a story of from ashes to beauty and revelation of the limitless power of man if he shall accept the divinity of Jesus and dwell in the power of His love. 

The Author

Louis Osayenum Egwari is a Bible scholar who set out to discover the mind of Christ, to make known the essence of creation and the reasons for the events in man’s life since creation. He unveils God’s endless love for Man and all His creation. He says, this is the love of God, for He gave His Son Jesus Christ, so that Man will live and inherit glory.

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