Make Policies That’ll Solve Problems, ANCOPSS, NAPPS Tell Government

As Nigeria celebrates its 61st Independence Day anniversary today, the All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools and the National Association Of Proprietors Of Private Schools have told the Nigerian governments to increase the education budgetary allocation and ensure every policy made on education solves the challenges in the sector.

President of ANCOPSS Mr. Anselm Izuagie and NAPPS, Mr. Yomi Odubela, who spoke with our correspondent while proffering suggestions to the problems in the education sector since Nigeria gained independence, both said the state of education in the country was in dilemma.

Odubela said, “Going forward, Nigeria needs to improve on annual budgetary allocation to the education sector in line with global recommendations. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations recommended that nations should devote between 15-26 percent of their annual budgets to education but we are not close to that recommended budgetary allocation.

“The private education sub-sector, which has continued to play a significant role in complementing the efforts of the government in providing education for the benefit of the Nigerian child, needs to be helped in form of education grants to the sub- sector. Our curriculum planners should make their policies reflect our peculiarities as a nation.”

Izuagie also said, “The truth is that there is no progress in the education sector, education then was better than what we have now because education was a priority to the government. But now, all they are concerned about the development of their political obligations and that is the reason education is not funded, no infrastructure, no security. Education lacks focus for now in Nigeria.

 “They should go and rethink what is their vision. Education is everything, it makes a great nation. We are celebrating nothing at 61. There is a lack of production, we are a consumer nation, nothing to celebrate for now in education a lot of children are out of school because of insecurity, the school environment is not good, no quality graduate and some schools have no teacher at all.”

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