Making Teaching Attractive

For the Nigerian nation to move forward, it needs to pay adequate attention to the education sector. It is often said that education is the best legacy that can be bequeathed to the youths.

The recently reported case of primary school teachers in Kaduna State failing the Primary 4 examination set for them by the state government is indeed very pathetic.

How can incompetent teachers produce competent students? The future of students under such teachers is obviously in danger.

Teaching has to be made attractive in the country and one way to do this is by weeding out the incompetent teachers from the school system.

Bad eggs abound in every system, but those in teaching can easily ruin the nation.

The three tiers of government should give priority attention to the education sector by equipping schools and motivating teachers.

There are unemployed trained teachers who need to be engaged by governments at all levels.

Nigeria is blessed with thousands of competent teachers. What they need is the motivation to do their jobs very well.

The government should encourage and motivate teachers by paying their salaries on time. Every labourer deserves his wages, and at the appropriate time.

Fathia Adeyemi

Ibadan, Oyo State

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