My 5-Point Progressive Agenda For Yabatech – New Rector, Abdul

Rector, YabaTech

The new Rector of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) Dr. (Engr.) Adedotun Abdul has unveiled his 5 Point Agenda for the progressive running of the institution in the next five years.

In his inaugural address, he revealed his goal, mission and vision for the College and that his administration will focus on five major developmental projects which he coined as ERECT:

E – Empower the entire workforce in the college, TO ENHANCE STAFF WELFARE

R – Repackage all academic and skills development programs of the college

E – Explore the creation of the industry advisory committee (IAC) and set up STBI HUBS

C – Consolidate and Expand all the sources of internally-generated revenue (IGR) of the college

T – Tap into the national and international grant and endowment for funding vital infrastructures.

Abdul noted that the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and technology is at the forefront of this transformation. He pledged to do everything in his power to ensure that Yabatech students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the rapidly –evolving world.

He stated that to achieve this, the institution must continue to focus on providing students with the best possible education, grounded in a deep understanding of the latest technologies and a broad-based foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. The College must also ensure that faculties and staff are empowered to pursue cutting-edge research and innovation and that facilities and infrastructure are world-class.

The 7th indigenous Rector assured that his earnest aim is to work with all without fear or favour, and this is the time to consolidate on the past achievements while shaping the future of our beloved institution. He vowed to leave YABATECH better than what it is today.

The fresh Rector disclosed areas of focus of his administration which are: Staff Welfare will be a priority project for his administration; all means shall be employed to empower staff by creating opportunities for development, such as training sponsorship, attendance at workshops, conferences and certificate programs.

Improvement of academic standards, so that Yabatech students will be able to compete favourably with their counterparts from around the globe.

The Management will explore the option of an alternative power supply to ensure constant power in the College.

A critical look shall be taken at the revenue-generated system, and ensure that we create activities that will increase our revenue generation by collaborating with external agencies and organizations to achieve this.

Security has been a major challenge in our nation recently, and our tertiary institutions are not exempted. Security is everyone’s business, I therefore appeal that we must be security conscious at all times. We will collaborate with security to ensure the security of lives and properties.

The College will provide conducive aesthetically pleasing and safe campuses with a state-of-the-art learning environment, functional laboratories, and workshop amenities.

“YABATECH is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria, it is our pride and our heritage, and we must therefore work together in keeping with the slogan, “The first still the best”. I seize this opportunity to call on you all to join hands together and work for the common good of the College.”

Abdul appealed to all staff to put in their best for the College to sustain and improve upon the academic excellence which the institution is known for, and this is the time to renew our commitment to the development of YABATECH if we must continue to be relevant in the new world.

The new Rector, implored all to imbibe good conduct and discipline without which there cannot be meaningful development, and let integrity, honesty and commitment be our hallmark.

He highlighted that as Yabatech Community embark on this new chapter in the history of the institution, he is filled with excitement and optimism about what we can achieve together. He believed that with the right vision, leadership, and collaboration, we can continue to build upon our legacy of excellence and innovation and create a brighter future for students and staff.

“Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity to serve as your Rector, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the months and years ahead”.

He, therefore, charged all Stakeholders; ASUP, SSANIP, NASU, Staff, Students, Alumni, Industry Partners, and the wider community to join hands with him in shaping the future of YABATECH, as a united community committed to excellence, growth, and positive transformation. Together we will create an environment where dreams are nurtured, ideas are realized, and potential is unleashed.

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