NANS Appoints AAPOLY Student As Director Of Media And Publicity


Caleb ijioma

A student of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Fanika Olatunde, on Friday was appointed by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest (Zone D), as the Director of Media and Publicity, Ogun state.

This is coming 37 days after Fanika lost his student Union presidential election to Ajumobi Oluwatola

A copy of the appointment letter signed by the Nans Zone D coordinator, Kappo Samuel, was made available to EDUTORIALIMG-20200308-WA0012

The letter reads

“The coordinator, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest (ZONE D) in bid to further deepen the effectiveness of service delivery has resolved to make appointments into certain offices”

“We humbly write to inform you of your appointment as Director of Media and Publicity (Ogun State) National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest (ZONE D)”

“We are hopeful of your best contribution to the success of the team UNASSAILABLE EMANCIPATION OF NEW POSSIBILITIES Agenda”

Fanika who spoke to EDUTORIAL said that the appointment is well appreciated and he sees it as another opportunity to achieve his desires

“The appointment is well appreciated. My motivation to have vied in the capacity of SUG president of my school in the first place was to see student unionism live up to its definition as a body that influences policies of decision-makers at various level in the bid to ensure that the rights and privileges of students are duly attended to.”

 “Since I couldn’t get that, I see this as another opportunity to still achieve my desire even at a higher level. I also see this as an opportunity to give our fledgeling polytechnic meaningful representation externally” he said

When asked about if the appointment was a consolation for his loss at the Aapolysu election, he said

“Honestly, that is what it is. But I’m not taking it like that. It is another platform to still achieve my desires”

Speaking on how he intends to use his appointment for the benefit of Ogun state students, he said

“Serving the interest of my school is core to my acceptance of the position. I shall also be ensuring a timely and effective flow of information so that all stakeholders are carried along in with the activities of the current administration.”

” That way, only one legitimate student union authority is recognized and the faction system will be completely eradicated in our zone. I shall be working on a model of information gathering and dissemination that will make the NANS zone D a force in student unionism to reckoned with by the student at the grass root in all higher institutions.”

“I believe a faction system is one of the major scourge to the progress and effectiveness of the SU from the National level to the bottom cadre of SU in our country”

“Above all, I shall seek every medium to make prominent the virtue of genuine and selfless service to humanity.

Ultimately, I shall be serving to the best of my ability as God will grant me the grace”

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