NANS Charges FG On Better E-learning Initiative

By: Deborah OmoAre

The leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) South West Zone, under the administration of Comrade Kappo Samuel Olawale, had demanded that Federal Government should provide proper enablement for online teaching initiative to ease students.

This was as a result of the statement made by Mallam Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education during a teleconference meeting with 237 Vice-Chancellors, Rectors and Provosts, issuing the directive that all Tertiary institutions in the country should resume academic session by organising online teaching for students during this pandemic break.

In a statement signed by the Director of Media and Studies,  Comrade Olatunde Fanika, NANS South West Zone proposed that the Federal Government should work together with telecommunication companies.

 “The Federal Government is expected to compel, liaise and instruct various telecommunication operators or companies through the Minister of Communication to provide free and unlimited Internet access (subscription) for all Nigerian students for the next three months.”

In addition, NANS South West Zone suggests that the Federal Government should work hand in hand with Power Holding Company of Nigeria to make the initiative effective.

“Efforts should also be made to ensure bill free and constant uninterrupted power supply by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria and other private owned power holding companies throughout this trying period if the Federal Government wants to make positive efforts to Nigerian Students via e-Learning.”

Also, NANS South West Zone advised the Federal Government to always have the development of this country at heart.”

Comrade Fanika added, “Above all, the government should consider the unanticipated contingency of the COVID-19 outbreak as a lesson to generally develop the country and its citizen so that such contingency in the future will not render the nation as handicapped at it is. Our government should follow the world as it grows technologically.”

In the statement, NANS also states that the Federal Government should note that the interest of  Nigerian Students at all levels in the country is paramount and must not be jeopardized.

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