NGO Trains 5,228 Teachers to Boost Teaching, Learning in Schools

Agency Report

The Centre for Learning and Educational Development Advocacy (CLEDA), an NGO, said it had trained 5,228 teachers in 316 schools to improve teaching and learning in the country.

Daniels Akpan, CLEDA Executive Director, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Kaduna that 21,889 students were also motivated and inspired for academic excellence in nine months.
He said that the training, which took place in 19 states, was designed to empower and motivate the teachers to deliver quality teaching to their students.

Akpan explained that 68 percent of teachers in both primary and secondary schools in Nigeria were “accidental teachers” with no teaching training.

According to him, most of the teachers lack the techniques, motivation and capacity to deliver quality teaching.

“So, we came up with a teacher training programme to motivate and empower the teachers to deliver quality teaching to the students. “Similarly, most students were burdened with socio-economic challenges in their homes and communities, which invariably affected their learning abilities.

“Also, quite a number of students were going to school without a clear direction of what they want to be in future and how to go about it.
“So, we have designed a career counselling package to counsel students, based on their passion, abilities, potentials and ambition and to check against peer group influence and aimless journey,” he said.

Daniels said that CLEDA had in June 2016, began a tour of 1, 000 schools in 20 African countries to motivate teachers and encourage students on the need for academic excellence.
According to him, the tour was projected to impact 120,000 students, 15,000 teachers in 1,000 schools across the 20 countries.
He called on relevant stakeholders to partner with CLEDA in helping the young children to exploit their full potentials through improved access to quality education.

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