Nigerian Entrepreneur Gets UK Summit Recognition

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Melody Okwuazu, has won the outstanding entrepreneur missionary award at the United Kingdom Investors Summit 2023 held at the Parliament House of Lords in London.

In a statement, the organisers of the United Kingdom Investors Summit 2023 disclosed that the award was a celebration of Okwuazu’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements in the areas of youth and startups mentorship, coaching, empowerment, and grant disbursement in Nigeria and Africa.

It acknowledged the impressive contributions of Okwuazu this year.

According to the organisers, these include his mentorship of over 5,000 individuals, support of more than 100 new businesses, and awarding of academic scholarships to 20 people.

“As a result of these accomplishments, Okwuazu has been awarded the distinguished “Outstanding Entrepreneur Missionary Award,” which is highly inspiring,” it stated.


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