Nigerian Entrepreneur Launches First Board Game, Entrump6

Mr Adeniyi Kolade has taken entrepreneurial thinking, impact and strategy to a new height with the invention and launching of his latest game and first entrepreneurial board and card game, Entrump6.

Mr Kolade, who is a young entrepreneur with a passion for ‘gamifying’ anything and everything, launched his fourth game at the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan Oyo State.

Speaking on the theme, Promoting Entrepreneurial Thinking For Impact And Profit, Mr Kolade stated that Entrump6 is a board and card game, designed to promote entrepreneurial attitude for both impact and profit.

He added that achievements to an entrepreneur can be either in terms of profit or impact, or both as the case may be.

“For the business entrepreneur, the primary goal is to make a profit through the pursuit of opportunity, while for the social entrepreneur; the primary goal is to make an impact through problem-solving and value creation.

“Entrump6 is a board and a card game designed to promote entrepreneurial attitude for both impact and profit. It is logically crafted to demonstrate entrepreneurship realities with respect to attributes of, and challenges faced by entrepreneurs within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and largely, traits exhibited by successful entrepreneurs.

“Support for entrepreneurship is a crucial strategy for national transformation and economic development through problem-solving and opportunity finding respectively. Entrump6 is an entrepreneurship-based game designed to project these realities,” Mr Kolade said.

Keynote speaker, Mr Timi Olagunju, who is also a technology lawyer stated that Nigerians have always been people of the entrepreneurial mindset, added that lack of system, which involves government policies, is the bane of impactful entrepreneurial mindset.

“Beyond just sciences, we need people that will add the A-factor into STEAM; the A-factor is the Art and that is the creative parts of us, which drives ability to see a problem and create a solution out of that problem and create wealth.

“Wealth in this context can be profit or impact. This is an opportunity to see someone, through his skills and talents of being able to create a game to solve a problem, which is the lack of entrepreneurial mindset in young people. This is important to the growth of Nigeria and Africa as a continent.”

Also, Opeyemi Adebari, a research assistant at Centre for Petroleum Energy Economies and Law (CPEEL), enthused that representing difficult things with simple logic gets her excited, which is what Entrump6 is all about. “I’m optimistic that through ‘gamification’, difficult things, would be not only easier to learn, would be result oriented too.”

Mr Kolade has also designed games like Cool Tour, to promote people’s knowledge, places and product; Prompt Card, designed to aid prompt and managerial reasoning; Scripstars, a Bible board game and Entrump6, to promote entrepreneurial thinking.

Source: Tribune

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