NYSC Director Encourages Inter-Tribal Marriages Among Corps Members


One of the top management staff of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme has disclosed that fostering national unity between the various components that made up the country can be achieved through inter-tribal marriages among the corps members.

The Director, Corps Welfare and Health Services of the noble Scheme, Mr. Benjamin Folorunso Ayo-Omotade made the disclosure over the weekend in his address to the 2021 Batch ‘C’ (Stream 1) corps members deployed to the Sunshine State.

Speaking at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp in Ikare-Akoko, the foremost Corps Welfare Officer of the NYSC said that it is only people with sinister motives that would not appreciate what the Scheme is doing in this regard.

“Through the instrument of this laudable programme, patriotic and focused Nigerians from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds are promoting one of the core objectives of the NYSC which is to develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity and integration”.

“Before the advent of NYSC in the country, it is rare and a bit difficult to see or witness inter-tribal marriages across the divides, but with the establishment in 1973, the Scheme has remained the only pathfinder that is making someone from the core North get married to Southerners and vice versa through the relationships developed from the orientation camp “.

One time Coordinator for Delta State said that orientation camp is a beautiful place to be because of the events and activities that have been specially designed to achieve a particular purpose in the lives of corps members.

“Very intelligent and amiable youths of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I want to let you know that orientation camp is fundamentally designed to instill in you virtues of industry and discipline for the task of nation-building and I want to admonish you to participate fully and actively too in all the orientation course contents”.

The immediate past Director, South-South Area Office (SSAO) charged the corps members to apply themselves to the critical lessons of the orientation course as every component are designed to achieve set objectives.

Ayo-Omotade who has transformed the Corps Welfare and Health Services since the assumption of office in April this year announced that the NYSC has concluded plans with the management of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to integrate corps members into the healthcare system.

“My focused, committed, resourceful and intelligent corps members, I am pleased to inform you that NYSC management has established a sustainable and workable plan to integrate corps members into the NHIS and with this, we are poised for prompt and efficient welfare service delivery to the corps members nationwide,” he said.

The senior government official told the members of the service corps that they were not mobilised and deployed based on ethnic, religious considerations or the people they know but that their deployment is based purely on constitutional rights which conferred the privilege on NYSC to mobilise qualified Nigerian graduates who are 30 years and below.

“Your participation in the mandatory one-year national service is a privilege bestowed upon you in line with the Constitution of the Federal Government of Nigeria, as amended and you cannot afford to fail Nigerians, the society and your respective families during and after the service year”.

“I am appealing to you to stay alive and render quality and selfless services to your host communities and do positive things to add value to your host communities. You must be remembered for good legacies which will outlive you”.

On Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) programme, the highly resourceful manager of youths who have acquired managerial training both within and outside the country admonished the corps members to embrace the intervention programme introduced into the orientation course content to address the youth unemployment after the service year.

“Lack of employment has become a threat which is cancerous to the survival of all in the country and this has negatively affected our youths to unimaginable dimensions and this is why NYSC came up with SAED to bridge the gap and turn corps members into wealth and job creators”.

“Take both the in-camp and post-camp training seriously to build your capacity as this will give you a rest of mind and achievable respite to be economically balanced and financially independent. A word is enough for the wise”.

The University of Ilorin graduate who was the pioneer Farm Manager in NYSC Osun State in the early 90s pleaded with the corps members to take their personal security seriously and never to embark on unnecessary adventures that will truncate their goals and dreams in life.

He commended the State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani for the exceptional neatness of the camp and the high level of discipline and comportment exhibited by the corps members.

“As a scientist and researcher, I need to investigate how the State Coordinator attracted vibrant, disciplined, elegant, and well-behaved corps members to Ondo State. The effect of the disciplined and hard-working camp officials has impacted positively on the corps members. Please, keep it up” he concluded.

The elated State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani who described the Director as one of the finest administrators of the Scheme disclosed that 1478 corps members registered and 250 camp officials had undergone the COVID 19 test before admittance into the camp.

Mrs. Ani thanked the NYSC foremost Corps Welfare Officer for doing the extra mile to attract support for the Scheme and the corps participants.

‘The Gentle Dove’ as Ayo-Omotade is known and called in the NYSC circle extended his generosity to the corps members and camp officials, the move was seen as unprecedented in the annals of the history of NYSC, Ondo State.

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