Ocean Ambassadors To Hold National Maritime Quiz October

Nigeria is a Maritime nation blessed with the Atlantic Ocean, inland waterways, creeks, and lagoons but yet untapped to its maximum.

As our students are going on holiday, encourage them to join the thousands of students that have started registering for the 3rd Nationwide Virtual Maritime Quiz Competition coming up on Oct.11-13 in celebration of the International GIRL CHILD.

OAF is a passionate advocate of the GIRL CHILD to come on board in the male-dominated maritime industry, hence, the introduction of the maritime quiz.

The Catch them young initiative is endorsed by the University of Lagos (geog. dept) and the quiz is moderated there.

We enjoin you to encourage your wards, and teen church members in SS1+2 to register for the life-changing, knowledge-based Competition.

The Competition is open to 75% (Girls) and 25% (boys) in SS1+2.

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