Parents Condemn Indefinite Closure Of Schools In Kaduna By State Government

Parents in Kaduna have continued to react to the indefinite closure of schools by the state government

The indefinite shutdown of schools follows the recent surge in the kidnap of school students in Primary Secondary and Tertiary schools in the state, forcing parents to cough out huge sums to secure the release of their wards.

Explaining its decision, the Kaduna State government said it closed down schools across the state to enable security agents to commence a massive manhunt of the bandits terrorising schools.

But, some parents, on Thursday said, the prolonged break for the school children will only lure them into vices given the free time in their hands.

They alleged that by being out of school, the state government was indirectly training a new set of criminals, warning that an idle mind, is a devil’s workshop.

They claimed the government should have provided security for schools across the state rather than shutting them down.

Some other parents who did not also agree with the state government’s decision to close down the schools accused it of gradually erasing western education in the state.

Mr. Moses Adejoh whose five children are in primary and secondary schools respectively, said, as the students are now idle, that the government was indirectly giving them leeway to become miscreants.

He said if these students are made to adapt to such evil ways, it will be dangerous to society.

” Many of these grown-up school children have formed the habit of visiting unusual places when their parents have gone to work. Some visit Naijabet to play money-doubling games with as little as #100, #200, #300 Naira. If you ask them, where they got the money from, they hardly give sufficient response. I think the government is indirectly training another set of criminals.”

He lamented that nobody knows when the security operatives will complete their assignment so that students can resume their normal classes.

Also, a Medical Doctor, who resides in Barnawa, Dr. Joseph Moses accused the state government of having ulterior motives for closing down the schools.

He said, there is no how government or security agents will flush out all criminals at once. While they are killing some criminals, others are growing up with different tactical ways or methodologies.

He said instead of an indefinite closure of schools owing to security reasons, the government ought to have provided enough security, to all schools across the state to deal with any suspecting criminal element.

“Continuos stay at home of these school children, do parents more harms than good. Some of them may later turn to criminals themselves in the future because of what they learn from video games and bad friends.

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