People Now Choose Popularity Over Education — Alibaba

A popular comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, aka Alibaba, has said that many people now value fame more than education.

Speaking during his appearance on the Honest Bunch podcast, the funny man said, “People make the mistake that because one is a comedian, one is not literate. I actually teach MBA classes, and lecture professionals on different subjects; from marketing to public relations, advertising, financial management, and networking. Money is important, but one still needs education.

The reason some football players, who neglected education, cannot become coaches is because they cannot read and write. That’s because to become a coach, one will have to take an exam. We have a society now that does not believe in education. So, 80 per cent of the market does not believe in education, and some people are getting away with it. That is the same reason some people will respect a popular person ahead of an educated one.”


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