Poem: The Lovelorn

Th’ garden o’ Eden

Th’ fruitful ‘n th’ heart

A couch for luxury


Within th’ book

And volume o’ my heart

With devotions visage

And pious actions

Beauties with plast’ring art

Devoutly to be wished

In sooth,I do learn

Th’ much ado o’er which

Mine melancholy

Had sits on brood

Will th’ hatch be

Of danger or ectasy?

Th’ pangs o’ tormenting love

Doth candied o’er

With th’ pale o’ fortune

Blasted with ectasy

O what damn’d ectasy

I sight here

O’er thrown

What say thou

That stays not th’ siege

O’ loving lips

And averse

Th’ encounter

O’ assailing eyes?

Are thou a demon

Garments in humanity?

Mine heart’s oppression

Brings Love’s transgression

Xarah ubaji

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