Prof Ndifon: UNICAL To Review Nigerian Law School Admissions Lists, Investigate Academic Favoritism Claims

The University of Calabar is considering the recall of student lists that were forwarded to the Nigerian Law School within the past two years, in response to serious allegations of impropriety.

These allegations are centered around Prof Cyril Ndifon, the former dean of the Faculty of Law, who was suspended last week amidst accusations of engaging in sex scandals.

It is claimed that Prof Ndifon manipulated the student lists, demonstrating favoritism towards female students with whom he allegedly had intimate relations. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Florence Obi, discussed this development during a press conference addressing multiple media reports that surfaced last week regarding accusations of sexual misconduct by Ndifon.

These reports also indicated that due process was frequently overlooked, with only students who yielded to inappropriate advances being granted favorable academic outcomes.

In recent days, female law undergraduates staged public protests, brandishing placards demanding the removal of Prof Ndifon due to allegations of repeated sexual assaults. Following the ensuing scandal, the Vice Chancellor revealed that a comprehensive overhaul of the Faculty of Law was imperative.

This decision stems from the surge of allegations against the dean, which include high-handedness, sexual misconduct, authoritative behavior, and sidelining of other key academic staff members within the faculty.

Prof Obi conveyed the management’s resolution to institute essential changes in the faculty, in order to mitigate the undue dominance and influence of any future dean over students. She outlined several measures that will be undertaken, encompassing the establishment of a committee responsible for managing students’ preparations for Law School.

The university is also contemplating a review and potential recall of student lists submitted to the Law School, along with the removal of both examination officers and the formation of a Result Vetting Committee.

Additional initiatives include constituting a Students’ Project Committee to allocate project supervisors for undergraduates, revising Direct Entry admissions through an Admission Committee, updating the university’s existing Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) to address the specificities of the Faculty of Law, and appointing a new sub-dean.

The university is also exploring options such as appointing an interim chairman for the Faculty’s Post-Graduate School Board and establishing a committee to align the semester’s courses with the university’s Quality Assurance procedure.

The university administration has directed the dean and sub-dean to submit all relevant materials, such as result scripts, question papers, marking guidelines, and examination attendance records for the past two sessions, to the Director of Quality Assurance. Additionally, Prof Obi has instructed a panel to investigate allegations of extortion attributed to Ndifon. If found guilty, he will be required to refund all illicit funds collected from students under various categories.

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