Public Lauds Covenant University Over Encouragement Letter To Students

By Ayo Ajayi

Covenant University, Ota has been receiving commendations from the public, over the encouragement letter written to all its students who are in ‘good standing’ academically, to spur them to graduate with higher grades.

A social media influencer, Adesola Ayo-aderele posted a copy of the letter on her Facebook page, commending the University for the initiative and enjoining the public universities to emulate the gesture.

Ayo-aderele wrote, “This is a copy of a letter written by Covenant University to its students who are in good standing.

“It is amazing that a university could be this concerned as to write a letter of encouragement that will most likely spur those of them already tired to soldier on.”

She lamented that she did not enjoy such encouragement while in school. “This is extremely different from my experience as an undergraduate in UNILAG.

“First day at my department, a lecturer I was introduced to, told me never to expect a First Class because my department wasn’t awarding it.

“If that isn’t a dream killer, I don’t know what is.

“Of course, more than 80% of my class graduated with 2:2, with a sprinkle of third-class grade. I think we even had some Pass. And if I could remember very well, I think there were only four 2:1 in a class of over 100 students.

“And that is why I laugh at those who say private unis sell First Class degrees and that it is a reason they have high turnout of the same.

“Meanwhile, what CU has done here is a trade secret that other unis, especially public ones, can borrow from.

“From what I know, CU graduates are always up for grabs in job market. This is because the school is in partnership with online platforms that offer soft skills that employers always look for beyond degree certificates.

“Students are encouraged to enrol and take requisite online skilling certification exams alongside their already busy academic schedules.

“Again, the CU mentorship effort is real, even when some critics have described it as baby-sitting.

“Of course, being a Christian institution, prayer also comes in and students who are wise enough to endure the grill always smile at last.

“Here is a challenge to public universities in Nigeria. Since they educate more than half of the undergraduate population in the country, they can certainly learn one or two things from CU,” she posted.

Meanwhile, her write-up generated a lot of comments, most of which praised the University’s encouragement and called out the public universities to do more.

A commentator, Lucky Ihanza noted that CU graduates are special, well-bred, cultured and he feels so blessed to have one as a colleague. He berated the public for always criticizing CU, noting that, “The blessing far outweighs any negativity that might be out there.”

Another commentator, Akintunde Babatunde stated, “No wonder CU is beating a lot of the old guys in ranking: this is impressive!”

“Public institutions are dream killers among other things,” Adeola Amusa posted. “Can’t remember a single lecturer giving a word of encouragement in my school days. It’s more of threats and raising obstacles on how you cannot make it by those sadists, sadly,” he added.

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