Read Valedictory Speech by Bisola Fasuyi, Covenant University Best Graduating Student with CGPA 4. 95

Bisola delivering her valedictory speech

The Chancellor Sir,

Permit me to stand on the already established protocol.

I am absolutely delighted, honoured, and privileged to represent this class of 2017, the Royal set, as the best graduating student.

Some of us had 8 semesters, while some of us had 10 semesters, but all of us were taken through the Alpha and Omega of the great nurturing process that has today released us as soaring Eagles. Of the many that were called, few were chosen and indeed, only an infinitesimal proportion is this day released as soaring Eagles, I’m sure we are glad to be among those. Please turn to your neighbour to the right and left and say, I’m glad to be here.

We started our journey 4/5 years ago without knowing exactly what to expect. We came with different priorities which have determined how we have finished this phase. Even when times became tough, we drew divine motivation to propel us on. Indeed, success is born where right priorities meet with the right motivation. I am a living witness.

Our making and our release as Eagles wouldn’t have been possible without our creator – the Mother-Eagle, who not only made us in His image and bore us in His womb, but also carried us on His wings. We acknowledge His faithfulness and return the glory to Him. We are also indebted to His representatives here on earth, our parents and guardians who have gallantly stood in the stead of the Mother-Eagle and have given us the opportunity to soar higher than themselves. I especially appreciate my parents, Dcn Kunle and Toyin Fasuyi as well as my precious sister and brothers and my lovely squad for their great support spiritually, financially, mentally, morally and in every other aspect of life. I love you all so much. 

On this mountain, we found an environment suitable for our making and faculty members necessary for our development. We remember the leadership and mentorship given to us to make headway in life. We found fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, mentors, instructors, guides, and teachers all in the entire team led by our dear Chancellor and Bishop, Dr David Oyedepo. Our profound gratitude to you Sir, and the Management team for your investment into our lives and for your in loco parentis role. I’d like to specially appreciate the Head of the Accounting Department, my course advisers, all the lecturers in my department and all my course mates who helped to shape me into what we celebrate today.

To my fellow graduates, we have reached the summit of this mountain, and are about to embark on our maiden flight as Eagles. While we relish this moment, we are humbled by the fact that there are higher mountains to be climbed and longer flights to be made. Our feathers are unruffled, they have been pruned and we know that with God’s help, we shall rise above the storms of mediocrity and sail through, we shall run and not be weary, and we shall both walk and work and not faint.

We shall not only proffer solutions to the numerous questions and challenges of our nation, we shall be THE SOLUTION. Through us and our exploits, hope shall be revived, excellence shall be exalted, what appears to be impossible shall be made easy, and the dignity of the black race shall be fully restored.

We should all remember that excellence is a journey. No one should be caught static. Little wonder Martin Luther King Jnr. said: “If you can’t fly then run If you can’t run then walk, If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you must keep moving forward”.

We must keep the flag ever flying high, and we must always show the world who we truly are- EAGLES, ROYALS and WINNERS.

Thank you.


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