School Owner Calls for Sanctity of WAEC, NECO Examination Papers

As the 2019 school-based examinations for secondary school candidates approach, Dr. Tunde Elebute, Proprietor of Faith Champion Group of Schools, Lagos has tasked the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) to ensure the sanctity of test papers before dates of examinations.

Speaking during an interview with Daily Independent, Dr. Elebute advocated for optimisation of the electronic channel as deployed by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to check leakages of test questions to candidates and ensure probity.

“They need to do more to secure questions without a leak. Parents should be discouraged from seeking advance questions for their wards in public and private examinations.

“We really need to look at the measures WAEC can adopt to prevent foreknowledge of examination questions by candidates, cybercafés and desperate parents,” he added.

He accused parents of exhibiting corruptive tendencies in children from the cradle as they rush them in and out of schools at unripe ages.

“Some parents encourage children to develop swollen heads because they are sure their parents will provide a cover through fraudulent means to procure questions and pay teachers and examiners for advance knowledge of tests and examination questions.

“They influence teachers and pay invigilators money so that they can look the other side during examinations. All these must stop and be frontally attacked from the cradle.

He advocated for another level of checks on invigilators by trained professionals that will go round without notice to ensure the sanctity of examinations in schools.

“When I was in school we used to have revision teachers. I think if these checks and balances are put in place alongside religious education the menace can be effectively checked. Schools should begin to teach children what constitutes corruption. With God on our side and with prayers we will overcome these challenges.

He challenged owners of schools and teachers to develop guts to advise parents against corruptive tendencies, adding that the foundation is the most important aspect in the life of a child for both moral and academic excellence.

Source: Independent

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