Shocker! Kidnapped Bethel Student Refuses To Return, Says He’s Comfortable With Bandits

…As CAN member who delivers his ransom’s kidnapped

The remaining kidnapped Bethel Baptist High School student who was held in the kidnapper’s den has allegedly refused to return to his family and expressed that he was now comfortable staying with the terrorists. 

However, the member of the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) who took the ransom demanded by the terrorists was also kidnapped after he delivered the message. 

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) in Kaduna State, Rev Joseph  John Hayab, also Vice Chairman of CAN in the North and Abuja, had expressed worry that “the remaining pupil,  the youngest of the abductees, rejected an offer of freedom from the terrorists.”

Recall that 121 Bethel Baptist High School students were kidnapped on July 5, 2021, at the school premises along the Kaduna-Kachia highway, Damishi, in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state but 120 were released.

“The remaining student preferred to remain with the bandits, it puzzled the entire members of the Baptist family and indeed, CAN. The bandits were said to be showering the boy with gifts each time they went out and come back from operations, thereby, making him reject the offer of freedom,” Hayab said.

 “Only one pupil of the Bethel Baptist High School is remaining with the terrorists. The reason is that this young boy – because we have to be clear with the story so that we don’t get misquoted – is the smallest among them.”

“I think the kidnappers were smart. They worked and changed his mind that he even said he wants to stay with them. They gave him meat, good things. Anytime they go out and come back, they pick him among the rest and gave him so many things and then he starts acting funny.”

“If they tell him to go home, he would say he was not going and gave some flimsy excuses that his parents used to beat him at home. But we also made findings and we don’t want to expose his parents to any noise but that is what he said. We are confused too.”

“But I understand they are playing mind games with him by giving him gifts and convincing him to talk that way. But last week, they asked us to bring some money to come and take him. The person who took the money to them was kidnapped. The person is with them as I speak now.”

“So, it’s a very complicated situation that we are praying and managing with care. The man who has been helping us to deliver the money all this while went to deliver the money to free this boy they were confusing and they kidnapped him. So, the whole thing is taking a different dimension and we need to be careful.”

Hayab had repeatedly, called on the authorities to help free the student and other kidnapped victims on the state. 


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