SHRM: Nigeria Highest in Certified Professionals – McCallum

In its quest to bring global best practices to the human resources management, the Director, Global Market Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Michael McCallum has disclosed that at the end of July, the Computer Based Training for its candidates will be back.

Michael McCallum
Michael McCallum

Speaking during a visit to the SHRM, Nigeria, McCallum explained that for years, the candidates in Nigeria had studied for the certification of pencil and paper test.

He said: “We are now doing the pencil and paper test with a number of people who have studied for the certification but were unable to take it in their countries, but by the end of the month, our Computer Based Training will be back.”

McCallum who noted that SHRM is a non-profit organisation, adding that its objectives were to certified the professionals so that they can make the world a better place, help raise the global awareness in global skill sets in organisations and make corporations around the world do better.

According to him, SHRM launched the certification, working with 15,000 global HR professionals in order to make sure that their certification was relevant across culture and measure the skill set across countries. He said, “We are happy to be working with skills farm that is pre-eminent in the field of human resources and has been working with SHRM since 2009. We are very proud to say that Nigeria has the highest number of members outside of northern America and also has the highest number of certified professionals. Nigeria serves as a very important market, but a couple of years ago we had an unfortunate event where we had to remove our computer training for certification.”

Explaining reasons many go for professional examination despite their plump jobs,  McCallum said the driving force was people’s desire to do their jobs better. We have two markets: ‘’We have a market for certified professionals, junior level and mini level and then senior certified professionals which are a more advanced profession.

“At the lower middle level, we find people who want to make sure they have the skills set in order to do the best they can within those organisations. We have a more senior certification professional. We usually have over a hundred people a year certified at that level. They have more senior level jobs within an organisation and they are the one that is typically competing at the top level because they are competing globally for jobs.

 “Frankly, a lot of people are using the certifications as a job changer. Once you have the certification, it is like a seal approval that you can compete with other HR professionals globally and that you have the skill set to drive your organisations strategically because the goal of human resources in these organisations is that they have to sit at the executive table to make the decision on what the. manpower of the organisation is and how the organisation can compete globally.’’

Source: Vanguard


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