Stabbed on the Altar of Rivalry

By: Afolashade Azeez

A 19-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his mother’s rival.

Awal Sanni Mohammed was a young undergraduate at the University of Abuja but his dream was shattered by his mother’s immoral act.

The incident which happened in Gbazango West pipeline Kubwa, Abuja saw many with tears while some were aggrieved.

Awal’s mother was said to be having an extra marital affair with another woman’s husband.

The wife of the man identified as Abdulkareem Rukayat came all the way from Kaduna to Kubwa after noticing and trailing him for sometimes.

She traced him to Awal mother’s house and demanded that her husband follow her back home.

Instead of the man coming out, it was Awal’s mother that came to reply saying that he won’t come out. After various argument and shouting, she returned back inside.

Awal’s sister who noticed what was going on went to invite the Police. The police requested that Mrs. Rukayat returned to Kaduna that her husband would come home.

While the police left, she was left outside shouting and demanding that her husband follow her home.

Awal was said to be asleep as at the time of the incident but was awoke by the noise coming from the woman.

Awal went outside to see what was happening and asked why the woman was shouting at his mother.

The only reply Awal could get was a stab on his chest by his mother’s rival. The knife landed on his chest and he died instantly. Though, they tried to save his life but all to no avail.

He was gone!

Sadly, Awal was supposed to resume school the next  Monday before the incident.

The Dreams of a young boy was shattered by a single act of immorality by his mother.

According to a source, it was said that the mother of the deceased boy and the man has been together since school days.

It was also said that Awal’s mother was a widow and probably had known this man even before she got married.

Should it have been the life of this young boy that would suffer the immoralities of the mother?

Meanwhile, friends of Awal gathered and destroyed the man’s car as the police arrested the killer and was kept at the Phase 4 Police Station Kubwa in Abuja alongside the husband.

That was how an innocent boy paid for the crime he never committed. He was sent to an early grave merely on the ‘Altar of Rivalry’.

What a sorrowful thing.

Azeez is a student of Mass Communication, young and passionate writer. She writes from Abuja.

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