Starting a Career in Human Resources

A lot of professionals desire to build a career in Human resources but do not know how to go about it especially if they started their professional journey in another department totally different from the one they really desire to work in. Before I left my banking career several years ago, I too desired to have a career in the Human resources and I spent so many years applying to go into that department which all ended in futility.

 I have since left the professional world and I did learn a few things after I worked pro-bono in a Human resource consultancy company about the technique one needs to employ if one desires a career in Human resources, especially if the individual had already started building a career in another department entirely.

The Human resources department is at the heart of any organization because it carries the organizational vision and purpose and spreads it to every other department. Human resources manage the employees of the organization which means that they have the records and details of all staff. So if anyone desire to cross over from his department into the Human resources to begin a career therein, he must build that plan into who he is even as he works in another department of the organization. He must input both his brain and brawn power in his present job placement and be seen and known to be a smart and hard worker. He must also have very cordial relationships with other members of the organization and must not be known to be a trouble maker. In short, he must have a track record of credibility, brilliance, integrity and competence. If that individual applies to the HR for a job transfer, his records would be opened to know the kind of person that he is. From records, who he is and what he has done in the organization will be a reference in his favour.

This individual must also have convincing and clear reasons why he desires to build a career in Human resources. A lot of people I have come across, who tell me that they desire to work in the Human resource department of their organization, lack the basic tangible reason for that desire. Some want to work in the Human resources department because of the prestige associated with the department which is not a justifiable reason to desire to build a career in HR. Your reason, should anyone ask you, must be genuine and must be geared towards the goals of the organization and your personal fulfilment and development as well.

Before you cross over into the HR department, know that there are specialized courses for all HR practitioners. Anyone interested in the field of Human resources is advised to take those courses and pass them in flying colours. For these courses, however, there are the ones that are conducted and done locally and there are some of the international origins. I would advise that the person interested in having a career in Human resources study to take both the locally and internationally accredited certification Human resources courses because it shows the seriousness of the would-be HR practitioner and gives more enrolment edge over any other candidate.

After consciousness building your personal and professional portfolio in the organization, walk into the human resource department of your organization with your HR certifications and speak confidently with the manager intimating her of your desire to work with the department. You must also be able to defend your reason for your desire to cross over from your present job placement over to HR.

 However, some may not get the opportunity to be considered as suitable candidates for the HR unit of their organizations, nevertheless, there are a lot of opportunities that abound that can be harnessed and taken advantage of.

You can volunteer pro-bono in any not-for-profit organization with an HR unit at your spare time to acquire the skills and experiences. Not-for-profit organizations are actually one of the best places to gain professional experiences from, as well as give back to your community. The amount of exposure you will be given when you work pro-bono is actually second to none: you will have access to resources, both human and material that you will work with. With not-for-profit organizations, you will have hands-on experiences and training within a short period of time which you may not get with any professional HR department in that same spare of time.

Likewise, you can also look for HR job opportunities with other organizations irrespective of the size; so far you can build a career therein.

You need both the experiences and certifications to begin a career in HR especially when you had already begun a career in another department. Get the certifications, but even more; look for opportunities to serve in organizations with HR unit, at your spare time, to build the experiences so that whenever an opportunity for employment presents itself, you have both the skills and certificates to be considered for the job.

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