Stop Doing Take-Home Assignments For Your Children — Teacher Advises Parents

A Kaduna based teacher, Mrs. Peace Raymond, has advised parents against writing take-home assignments for their children and wards.

Raymond gave the advice on Saturday and explained that doing the assignment for the children negates the essence of take-home assignments.

She explained that assignments help to involve parents in the learning process of their children, adding that the idea was for the parents to guide the children while they do the assignments.

Raymond said that instead of doing the assignment for the children, parents should guide their children to do the assignments themselves so they can learn and have deep understanding of the subjects.

“Take-home assignments are also meant to deepen the learning process through practice at home for better understanding.

“The assignments provide an opportunity for parents to participate in educating their children at home as part of their contribution to the learning process of the child.

“As such, don’t do the assignments for your children. Help them to understand how to do them and let them do it themselves while you guide,” the teacher said.

She said that on the contrary, many parents were found to be doing the assignment for their children while others write for the children to copy.

“Others do not even have time for the children or pay little attention to the children’s assignments, as a result, most pupils come to school with their assignments not done or partly done.

“This is wrong. Help teachers to improve the learning outcome of children by guiding them to do their assignments and making sure they understand them otherwise the aim is defeated,” she added.


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