Student Leaders Meet Ahead Of 2023 Elections

Student leaders across tertiary institutions in Lagos State met on Saturday to discuss matters affecting Nigerians and the gap between the young and older generations in the country.

The coordinator of a leadership coalition, codenamed SYNERGY, Dr. Adeola Oloyede, said, “The youth cannot leave the political control to the elders alone or else the ability to become true leaders in the future might be difficult for us all.”

Oloyede, however, affirmed that the elders cannot be totally wiped off for the youth to take over, “and that is why we need to synergise with leaders that meant well for the country in order to make it a win-win situation.”

While encouraging the youths which comprise the presidents, secretaries, and speakers of students’ union across all tertiary institutions in Lagos State, he said, “The best way to make leaders is to invest in people and reshaping the minds of our youths.”

Advocating the need for the youth to take top positions in the state and the country, the President-Elect of Lagos State University Students’ Union, Uthman Badmus, called on all well and good meaning Nigerians to ensure the next President of the country come from Lagos State.

Badmus, who spoke on the sideline of the two-day youth leadership summit in Lagos, argued the state had contributed more to the development of Nigeria especially in terms of human development capacity and revenue generation.

He said, “Producing a thorough Lagos-bred politician is the only way to appreciate the commercial capital for being supportive and accommodative.”

The Students’ Representative of the University of Lagos, Comrade Olawale Adesanya, appealed to the youths not to take directionless decisions any longer.

He declared the readiness of people of like minds to coerce a formidable combination to take over leadership in the country.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the group, Opeyemi Eniola, said the long-term ‘SYNERGY’ programme was aimed at reshaping the minds of youths across the nation.

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