Student Political Organizations Should Help Students In This Lockdown Period

Caleb Ijioma

As a qualified Nigerian student studying in one of the growing tertiary institutions in Ogun State, I am of the opinion that all student political organizations are expected to stretch a helping hand to students in this lockdown period, if not for anything, but for the confirmation of the oath they swore which is to look into the welfares of students all the time.

It is imperative that all Political student associations; NANS, NAUS, ANSA and other national bodies assist students with stipends. This is one of the benefits students are expected to enjoy for being part of those organizations.

This is a trying time for Nigerian students, especially now that our parents are at home, waiting for the lockdown to be called off so that they can resume their different place of work or businesses. This stipend can go a long way in providing food for a Nigerian student.

It is wrong to only interfere in student matters when they are faced with suspension or expulsion. This lockdown period is bigger problem students are faced with.

Is this realizable? Yes, it is.

The world has gone digital and I don’t want to believe that we have analogue brains heading the national body of students’ associations.

A Google form can be created to collect students’ data, including their account numbers and school identity cards, for confirmation of their studentship.

Then after each information provided by students has been verified, you go on to send stipends to their account. #1000 isn’t too much.

Money for sanitizers and face masks can be sent to students since they are at home and it’ll be very difficult to send face masks and hand sanitizers to them while at home.

NANS and other organizations need to be proactive in other to redeem their image that has been sold out for brown envelopes.

Caleb Ijioma is a journalist and a youth advocate; he can best be reached via email at  

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