SU-UDUS Without Welfare Director: Whose Fault Aside ELCOM’s?

By: Abdulrasheed Akere

The university community was filled with happiness when the students received the good news of the Students’ Union (SU) election after the administration of the Caretaker Committee (CTC). The excitement was not because Danfodites were sure of the fruit of the election, but because they were tired of the CTC government led by Comrade Shamsudeen Umar.

However, students lost their smiling faces towards the election over what they termed as selection in disguise. This was because the so-called election had the President, Vice president, General Secretary and some notable posts unopposed. We have been seeing the progenies birthed by the irregular election as SRA suspended Mr. President and two other unelected icons of the so-called elected administration.

Actually, it is a matter that matters and worthy to be discussed. The only competitive post that made the SU election (UDUS DECIDES’23) interesting was the seat of welfare director. It was blessed with three unformidable contestants which was the highest number during the election. In fact, no one could predict the outcome of their elections because all of them are public figures of their various departments.

Despite being competitive, the election was more peaceful than the Nigerian presidential election. The collated results across the polling units of the university’s Faculties show that Hammed Yusuf Akinteye (Broda Shaggi) had more votes against his two opponents — Abdullahi Zakari Yari and Muhammad Nafi’u Santuraki.

Even a mature day child who witnessed the election could cry out loud that Broda Shaggi won the election due to the higher votes he obtained. Unfortunately, on Thursday, June 08, 2023, SU Elections Committee (ELCOM), judiciously or injudiciously declared only the welfare director’s post inconclusive over security issues tagged to the winner. Until today, the UDUS Security Division has not fed the university community with the alleged case(s). Those who know the law know that the matter is unlawful and those who understand the constitution know that it is unconstitutional.

The election was held more than 60 days ago, yet, our Students’ Union remains ‘welfareless’ and no one [neither the ELCOM nor the school authority]  is taking concrete steps on it. Prior to the election, ELCOM called for a meeting held at PTF where issues pertaining to the election were discussed. The ELCOM chairman, Mallam Bashir Achida stated that all contestants would be scrutinized by his committee and the security division before the list of eligible candidates would be released.

In the blink of an eye, the eligible contestants’ list was released as promised and Broda Shaggi made it to the list. As a matter of fact, no one was disqualified until a day before the election when a VP I contestant was disqualified over unpublicized reasons. Assuming Broda Shaggi has security issues as claimed by the ELCOM, why was he not disqualified before Election Day? Did the security division even scrutinize the contestants? If yes, how did he make it to the eligible list? Why he was stylishly disqualified after his victory?

Our indefatigable ELCOM should kindly provide exclusive answers to the above questions and not render them rhetorical. All calls and messages put to the ELCOM on this issue were not attended to. Should I guess that ELCOM did not have evidence for the inconclusiveness and was not ready to explain to Danfodites. Frankly, this is not what the most peaceful university is known for.

To cut a long story short, our ELCOM should be blamed for the loopholes in the SU election. The committee conducted an improperly or unscrutinized election and produced a weak Students’ Union without a key post like the Welfare Director. This is a call for ELCOM to clean its mess because the post does not deserve to be left empty.

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