Teacher Registration Council Lacks Political Will to Register Teachers

Mr Bayo Babalola, the Principal, Tunyo Comprehensive College, Iyana-Iyesi, Ota, has said that the Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), lacked the political will to implement the policy because they have been saying this for the past ten years. 

Babalola said the registration of teachers by the council will only improve the standard of education in Nigeria if the necessary facilities are in place. 

He added that the nation’s educational system can only get better if there are consistencies in government policies as well as improving the budgetary allocation for education. 

He noted that the only way the TRCN can deal with the recruitment of non-professional teachers by proprietors of private schools was to collaborate with the ministry at the state level. 

Babalola lamented that lack of resources in term of funding had hampered what the state government could do to improve the quality of teachers and boost their morale.

“Until the nation allocated more funds in the annual budget and address the corruption in the system, the educational system will remain on the same level,” he said. 

  1. He identified some of the major challenges facing education system as include lack of proper funding, inconsistent in government policies as ND lack of facilities that could facilitate the learning process in our institutions.


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