Teachers’ Welfare: Necessity Not Privilege

By: Abdullateef Faruq Olamilekan

In a society where there are deep-rooted social imbalances, the disregard for the teaching profession is a common problem. Hence, the effort of imparting knowledge from one person to another which we all know is not an easy task will become a distant dream. While the teachers and students who are at the receiving end, face the harsh realities.

Meanwhile, the teachers are supposed to be placed as the first on the altar of all the professional bodies in Nigeria. However, due to poor governmental governance of the teaching profession, these individuals live in perpetual agony. They do not enjoy the same benefits as other professionals in other sectors.

Historically, teachers versus government feud is not new as it always emerges over late or denial of salary. For instance, the 8-month industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, or ASUU, and its subsequent ones are perennial problems ignited by the government’s negligence.

The problem keeps recycling every year due to how the education sector is easily forgotten by the early beneficiaries of it. The route is no longer leading to the objectives set to build the country.

Moreover, If not for teachers, the country may not be in this developmental stage! How the government turns them into useless individuals is disheartening. Lack of well-functioning equipment and a stable environment for the actualization of quality teaching in classrooms is a failure from the government’s end.

However, the celebration of the Teacher once a year is one of the encouragement they need to be motivated to do a passionate job. It’s high time to celebrate teachers and treat them with absolute respect. Their relentless hard work requires a bewildering benefit because everyone needs them to acquire knowledge. For someone to cross the path of education, he must have been taught and guided to a suitable career by a well-informed academician.

Moreover, a teacher is someone to be cherished and honored in all circumstances. Other countries always respect their teachers, unlike Nigeria. Their efforts are not acknowledged and compensated adequately. They live and die in extreme poverty.

In order not to waste their sacrifices, our government needs to review their salary. Both the teachers and lecturers should receive a juicy salary like other professions. They deserve to collect the highest reward than any other profession.

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