The Change Makers: Six Nigerian Youths Driving Change With Innovations

From Left: Godwin Kevin, David Onilude, Ayomide Akran, Splendour Kalu, Jonathan Godwin, Deborah Benjamin Photo Credit: Vanguard

Global network of social entrepreneurs, Ashoka has unveiled six Nigerian youths below the age of 21 who, irrespective of their young age have decided to apply themselves to creating the desired changes needed to make the world a better place.

 The young Nigerians plugged into the Ashoka Young Changemakers  program launched to support changemakers under 21 years. Ashoka described them as a carefully selected network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of their communities and are leading a team and engaging their peers and the entire world towards realizing the vision of Everyone a Changemaker.

Having launched the Everyone is a Changemaker  movement in Nigeria, at the weekend, Ashoka said its leaders, including Ashoka Young Changemakers, will share ideas, strategize, co-create tools, build crosscutting relationships and partners, champion and spread the movement across all parts of Nigeria.

The change maker heroes included:

Deborah Benjamin, a young changemaker committed to create a safe environment for young people from sexual violence, and to help them make better decisions about their sexual safety through her Save a Girl Africa project, which centres on Advocacy, Training and Empowerment. She is using Community Leadership, Creative Sex education and Design Thinking to help them not just stay safe from sexual abuse, but to create sustainable solutions to gender-based-violence, self-esteem building and other related social problems that these young people encounter.

Godwin Jonathan, a technology savvy 19 years old changemaker with a strong passion and commitment for the encouragement and spread of STEM Education and social innovation in underserved public schools. Through his initiative, STEM Club, he is tackling the digital illiteracy problem by empowering high school students from these schools using alternative learning models of technological innovation for education and entrepreneurship.

Godwin Kevin, is also a 19 years old changemaker working and ensuring access to opportunities for young people. He is committed to connecting young people to available resources, training and engagements that help them become individuals desiring change and working towards the actualization of youth engagement for positive impact. He believes there is a role for every young person and that with proper coaching, opportunities and engagement, young people can influence change in their communities. He is doing so through his Inspire for Greatness project

Splendour Kalu, the initiator of Communities Will Connect, is a 19 years old changemaker dedicated to empowering students, especially young girls, in rural communities within Nigeria, with digital skills. Through his initiative, Communities Will Connect, he is bridging the digital literacy gap by providing young girls and boys in these communities, the opportunity to learn the basics of coding, master computer skills and become innovators who can solve problems in their own communities using technology.

David Onilude, a 20 years old Tech Now Global initiator is a young Nigerian changemaker who is empowering and improving the livelihoods of children in unserved communities in Nigeria through technology. He has designed a system to eradicate digital illiteracy in a sustainable way by providing young people with the resources, skills and support they need to harness opportunities and attain better outcomes for their future.

Ayomide Akran is a 13-year-old changemaker dedicated to attaining sustainable environment and gender equality within Nigeria. With her Pink Diva organization, she is committed to achieving a better and safer recycling system for Nigeria and providing sustainable reusable pads for young girls that are special needs and for young girls in rural areas. Ayomide believes that girls can be whoever they want to be and that with the right empowerment girls can utilize their full potential.


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