This Book Will Help You Discover Your Hidden Treasures

Exploring The Goldmine Within

By Felix Uzoma Okereafor

There is always a drive in human beings to do more. There appears to be dissatisfaction with living an ordinary life. We strive to get ahead in life, and we are unhappy when we do not attain our desired goal. All these are indications of one thing- there is a gift that is fighting to be released. Just as precious stones in their natural states are not appealing, our looks may not betray the gifts we have within us. But we must never mistake that for their absence.

Exploring The Goldmine Within systematically explores the theme of finding the hidden treasure in us. From a scriptural standpoint, the book explores the source of every gift. Until we understand the origin of the wealth in us, we will not value it or even realise it. The book emphasises the need to become the best version of ourselves and why we should not settle for an alternative, no matter how attractive, because our destiny is far greater. Discovery is the first step to manifestation, and this book offers valuable insight for every sincere seeker.

The author displays great passion in this timeless piece. His engaging writing style with vivid illustrations makes this book a good read and an inspiration. I recommend the book to everyone who seeks to fulfil destiny in a grand style.

Dr. Amodu Lanre Olaolu

To get a copy of the book, pay N1, 000 to this Account: Felix Uzoma Okereafor, UBA, 2096713046.

Forward your proof of payment and WhatsApp number to 08131616614 and you will receive your e-book within 5 minutes.

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