Tobore Mit Ovuorie, A Journalist and Filmmaker Presents ‘HOPE’, A Story of Abduction Survivors


Hope embarks on a journey with her taxi driver for a very urgent meeting. After spending most of the day waiting for the persons she is to meet with, her driver suspects something is not right. When he brings the car alive, they are surrounded by fierce-looking men who all point sophisticated guns at the duo.

Mary’s mobile phone is forcefully taken from her by the persons she is travelling with in a car. When the car is stopped for checks by army officers at a military zone, she tries to cry for help, afraid that she is being abducted. Rather, she receives a thunderous slap and becomes unconscious only to wake up in a secured building with many girls like her being held hostage.

Osita is on a return-trip and meets so many young men and ladies from the part of Nigeria he hails from who are anxiously rushing to where he is running away from. He tries to persuade them to discontinue the journey. Will he succeed? 

What happens to Hope and Mary? Can and will they escape?

DATE: June 30th, 2020


VENUE: Check the flier for all details.

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