Today’s Pains Will Pave Way For Tomorrow’s Gain – Ondo NYSC Coordinator Urges Corps Members

By Simeon Bankole

The NYSC Ondo State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani has disclosed that the pains corps members are going through today as they enrol for in-camp training of the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) programme will lead to gains and financial independence in the foreseeable future.

The State Coordinator made the disclosure during her interaction with corps members in the course of the in-camp training of the SAED programme at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp in Ikare-Akoko.

“My Kings and Queens, without thorn, there wouldn’t be any crown and I want to let you know that you are not alone in this struggle to reduce the scourge of unemployment to the barest minimum and totally crush the pangs of poverty. Endure the discomfort of today and smile to the banks tomorrow.”

The State Coordinator hinted that the NYSC top management is in constant touch with credible youth empowerment development organisations as well as financial institutions to make loans and grants to serious-minded corps members who are willing to enhance the various intimidating credentials they possess.

“The grass is not all that greener at the other side of the divide likewise majority are not born with silver or golden spoons yet you can use your hands to complement the brain God has freely given you to fly away from the deep pit of unemployment and poverty during and after the service year.

“NYSC has recruited competent professional Trainers/Facilitators who are, from all intent and purpose, making huge sacrifices to assist you to navigate murky waters of hard times and you will do yourselves good not to miss or lose this opportunity as many of your predecessors who are complacent during the service year are roaming the streets for elusive or shrinking paid employment.

“In-camp training is highly subsidised by the management with the understanding of the Trainers/Facilitators who despite the regimented nature of the camp are always willing to offer their best. All these Trainers/Facilitators have to close their shops and offices temporarily in order to contribute their quota to develop the potentials of the corps members.”

The NYSC Ondo State boss admonished corps members who are handling the in-camp training with lasser an attitude to have a change of heart so as not to regret their actions when in the near future they see their colleagues doing well and breaking new ground.

“A word is enough for the wise. What you are going to gain by embracing the skill acquisition programme is unquantifiable as you are privy to both serving and ex-corps members giving testimonies of what they have achieved for not despising their humble beginning with SAED,” she concluded.

The corps members were in high spirits as gender issues had been relegated to the back seat as skills and vocations presumed to belong to female folk such as hairdressing and ‘gele’ tying have several male corps members trainees while Welding and Fabrication, Painting and Car rewiring works has a large number of females learning it.

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