ULBS, VC, Others, Eulogise School’s Pioneer Executive Director

Prof. Osinubi (middle) with wife, immediate left, Prof. Mike Adebamowo, extreme right, Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa, DVC Management Services (immediate right) to Osinubi at the occasion.

The Executive Director, University of Lagos Business School, Prof Mike Adebamowo says there is no going back in ensuring that the school competes favourably with others of its kind in other climes.

Adebamowo gave the assurance at the occasion of a send-forth ceremony organised by the school, for its pioneer Executive Director, Prof. Abraham Osinubi.

Oshinubi, a professor of Anatomy assumed office as the pioneer executive of the school in July 2018 and finished his tenure on May 31, 2022.

According to the current executive director, the foundation already put in place by his predecessor as the pioneer executive director, will ensure that it not only becomes the best in the country but the continent at large.

He noted that the passion of his predecessor for fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and ethical leadership, had been the driving force behind the remarkable growth and success of the school, which has flourished and become a hub for nurturing global business leaders.

Adebamowo further stated that the unwavering dedication and unyielding commitment of Osinubi had also matured and shaped the ULBS into a Centre of Excellence for business education.

“We gather here today to celebrate a true visionary leader and the pioneer executive director of this ULBS. It is indeed with mixed emotions that we come together to celebrate the incredible contributions and achievements of this business-minded unique gentleman.

“Osinubi, with his unwavering dedication and unyielding commitment has shaped this school into a Centre of excellence for business education.

“His strategic vision and relentless pursuit of excellence have transformed ULBS into a place where ideas are born, talents nurtured and dreams realized.

“With his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in the potential of our students, he has empowered generations of young minds to step out into the business world with confidence and purpose.

“He has been a beacon of inspiration and a role model to all of us, showing us that with hard work, determination and integrity, anything is possible, ” the ULBS executive director stated.

Adebamowo explained that Osinubi’s ability to bring out the best in people and create a culture of collaboration and teamwork, was worth emulating, imbibing and celebrating.

He expressed profound gratitude to his predecessor, for his immeasurable contributions to the ULBS project, which according to him, has laid a solid foundation for others to build on.

On her part, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola lauded Osinubi for his immense contributions in ensuring that the school attained the status quo it currently enjoyed.

Ogunsola who was represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Development Services) Prof. Ayodele Atsenua noted that such contributions and commitment had made the school a strong force to be reckoned with in Africa.

“We are here to say thank you to him for the work that he did in laying the foundation of the ULBS, which today is definitely an institution to be reckoned with in Africa.

“It is one of the business schools that is assisting to strengthen the capacity of the economic sector of African states and we are really proud of the work that he has done. He surely has laid a foundation that can only be built on and we are really grateful.

“This business school has also been able to challenge other areas of the university. For example, this business school was the first to push and advance the case for online teaching and learning.

“And it suits us to say that the approval for that, was given one month before COVID-19 broke out, in such a way that teaching and learning took place in the business school throughout that period and there were no disruptions of the calendar.

“The approach, and facilitation method used in delivering lectures to the participants by the facilitators continued to offer models that we can adapt to, become more students centred and embrace the case study.

“So that it is not just teaching theories, principles, but actually teaching in a way that principles and theories are applied to case studies and by that time, participants can contextualise their learning, even before they leave the university,” Ogunsola stated.

Responding, Osinubi said being a pioneer director of the school with no precedence, was one of the most challenging periods of his life and his experience in administration as a whole at the time.

“Starting a world-class business school from scratch was no joke, as there were a lot of precedences that we had to create.

“There were so many challenges and so many expectations. What gave us the success story of what we may have recorded so far today, was largely due to teamwork, and team spirit. I had a very good team. Maybe I am going to say, God, by providence, chose very good people around me, so we were able to do all that we did very well.

“Another thing that I will say went very well for us is that passion that almost every member of my team worked with. As in, they saw this whole journey we embarked upon and said, there was no going back.

“Again, when I see a business school that was doing something great, I always told myself that we can do much better.

“With this can-do spirit, we surmounted all odds and ensured that we became visible and recognised globally. We are today, one of the most recognised business schools in Nigeria and my message to my successor is to raise the performance bar and even surpass set standards in a million folds,” he said.

According to him, this is prayer and his hope, adding that with the support of all of the staff including including himself, his successor will do great exploits at the ULBS.

“So, I want to also appreciate my successor too, Prof. Mike Adebamowo. It is not a common thing to see a successor celebrate his or her predecessor, so, I must thank him very much for this kind gesture.

“Again, the good thing about what he has just done for me is that it may also motivate others.

During my time, as I said before, there were no precedences and this posed a lot of challenges for us.

“But we thank God, we were able to create those precedences by passion, efforts, consistencies and continually telling people that look, this is the right way to go.

“I also not fail to thank God for the immediate past Vice Chancellor of this university, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe that appointed me.

“He gave me a free hand to do what I can do best. He was not tele- guiding me and maybe that was also a very good strength. You know it is not everybody that gives you work and allows you to run it the way you know how to do best.

“I must also thank the administration staff. They have been very corporative and we worked as a team. Everybody was carried along,” he said.

The ULBS, established to produce business managers, administrators and entrepreneurs to boost the country’s economy, offers executive programmes such as Master in Public Health (MPH) Master in Public Administration (MPA) and Executive MBA among others.

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