UNILAG Students Walk Against Suicide

Worried by the rate of suicide and attempted suicide in the country,  University of Lagos (UNILAG) students, last week, held a rally to sensitise the public on why suicide should not be an option. The rally, which was organised by students resident in Fagunwa Hall, also  a seminar facilitated by a psychologist.

The student moved from one hostel to the other, speaking to their peers on why they should not think about suicide when faced with challenges. Faculty associations’ presidents, Halls of Residence leaders and representatives of the school’s Counselling Unit participated in the rally.

During the seminar, an Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr Foluke Akinsola, advised students to always seek for counsellor’s guidance whenever they are faced with depression and personal problems. She said people’s inability to share their challenges led to the increasing rate of suicide.

Aminat Yusuf, chairperson of Fagunwa Hall, said the reason  for the event was to fight depression among students. She said: “We realised that the suicide rate on campus and in Lagos State is on the increase; so we are creating awareness on depression and suicide through this campaign.”

She urged students to regularly see counsellors and speak up when they suffer depression. She described the campaign as a “landmark project” in curbing suicide in the university.

Zainab Nasiru, a resident of Fagunwa Hall, hailed the hall executives for the “excellent initiative”, saying: “There are a lot going on and people find it difficult to cope. The economic situation of the country has contributed to suicide rate and what people are just looking for is a way to escape hardship. So, coming out to tell them that suicide should not be an option is one of the best thing to do at this time.”

Source: Nation


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