University Student Recounts Experience As Monkey Pox Resurfaces

A 200-level medical student at the Niger Delta State University has recounted his experiences while suffering from monkeypox.

DAILY POST learnt that Monkeypox, a dreaded virus regarded as a zoonotic virus, has resurfaced in a part of Bayelsa State.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the student who simply identified herself as Eva said she woke up one day to realize she was developing the symptoms which according to her worsened continually.

She claimed that all her efforts to get a solution were dashed until she “miraculously received healing at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, a church founded and pastored by billionaire prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin”.

The student revealed that the disease, which had already paralyzed her academic activities had left pox all over her body, as she was bedridden from hospitals to other orthodox medical centres.

Recounting her story, Eva said she noticed that she was infected with the virus after discovering poxes on her skin.

“Since I got admitted to school, I have been facing challenges. I only managed to finish my first year.

“On a fateful day, I woke up and started seeing pox develop across my body. I rushed to the mirror and noticed that my face had turned into something else.

“I called my mum immediately. I felt it would disappear but it got worse by the day. We started going to different hospitals but the situation did not get better. At some point, my mum couldn’t cope any longer with the bills,” Eva said.

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