Varsity Autonomy Only Solution To Strike, Bad Education System – Prof Oyedele

The Assistant Vice-Chancellor University of West of England, Bristol, Professor Lukumon Oyedele has said that ineffective governance and leaders, outdated curriculum are the reasons Nigerian universities cannot meet up with the world.

The University Don said a Nigerian university only manages to rank the 500th positions among its mates in the world.

Prof Oyedele lamented that government policies and structural problems are the main issues undermining the university system in Nigeria.

He made the assertions while delivering a lecture on “Internationalisation of Higher Education in Nigeria: A Change in Attitude and Strategy”, during the 2nd Prince Tunde Ponnle Annual Lecture held at Osun State University, main campus, Osogbo.

Prof Oyedele, however, explained that introducing University autonomy would help each institution determine its standard and manage its resources.

He further said that each university will employ staff based on merit and not by connections.

“The role of the government will just be about monitoring and ensuring accountability within the university system. Not working and still getting paid is a panacea for failure and future strike,” he said.

The guest lecturer further stated that competency-based appointment and performance-based management can go a long way to boost university performance.

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