We Sacrifice Human Head Every Year at UNICAL – Repentant Cultist Revealed

Isaac Adekoya sharing his testimony

Ayo Ajayi

A born-again cultist Isaac Oladele Adekoya has revealed how he and his former cult members at the University of Calabar annually sacrifice human head to renew the ‘power’ buried on the campus over 14 years ago.

Adekoya shared his testimony in a service at the Faith Tabernacle (Winners’ Chapel) Canaan Land, Ota, on Sunday, August 20, 2017, promising never to return to cultism.

He told edutorial.ng that he joined the Supreme Vikings Confraternity in Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, to revenge the death of his father who was killed by Islamic Jihadists in Kaduna in 1996.

He said that the power buried at UNICAL campus was to protect the Vikings members, make the group accepted above other cult groups, prevent them from been rusticated by the University authority and to initiate members.

Hear him:

My name is Oladele Adekoya, I am from Ogun State. I grew up in Kaduna. My dad died in 1996. He was killed by all these Hausa Muslim people. Since then, anytime I remember the death of my father, I was always bitter because I never enjoy any motherly of fatherly care. Up till today, I don’t know who my mother is. She abandoned me when I was three months old.

Isaac Adekoya
Isaac Adekoya

Since my father’s death, I have been struggling. So when I entered Kaduna Poly in 2007, I joined the Supreme Vikings Confraternity. So I was in year two when we had a fight with other ‘frak’, they now chased almost 14 of us away from the school. Through cult again, I gained admission to UNICAL in 2013 and since then I have been killing souls. I stayed in Calabar South, each time we go on operation, if I see any Hausa person, I like killing them.

Last year, I became the ‘Executioner’ in the whole of Cross River State. AS THE EXECUTIONER, I DECREE THAT A DAY WITHOUT BLOOD IS LIKE A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE. So I like seeing blood. Something happened in May last year in Calabar, they killed one of my ADCs, and as the Executioner, you have to declare fight. Almost 50 souls were killed.

There is a ‘jass’ (juju) they buried in UNICAL over 14 years now. Each time every Executioner came (appointed), when they want to handover, they will take you to the Chief Priest to renew the power and they will sacrifice human head. I was still with the power when God arrested me.

As Executioner, I don’t use a local gun, I use English (12 rounds with 9mm bullets). I always get my armoury from police and anti-pirates police. Some police are members of the cult, lecturers and even pastors’ children are members. In the Confraternity, we are been deceived that we are the kings, while others are the bastards who deserved to die. So killing became part of me.

I was hired by a politician who wanted to contest at Imeko in Ogun State. I was on that mission to Ijebu-Ode to go and do ‘jass’ when I called my friend. He said he was at Ota in a herbalist place and I should meet him there. It was at Oju-Ore in Ota when I saw a crowd gathered and they said Bishop Oyedepo was preaching. I have never seen him before, so I went closer to see him. It was there God arrested me.

On Sunday, July 9, I came to Canaan Land for Covenant Day of Vengeance and Communion Service. Since I was born, I don’t think I have entered church up to 5 times. After taking communion that day, I vomited and was stooling. Even when my friend said we should go and enjoy ourselves, I said no. I could not do those things I wanted to do. Later I packed all the jass and burned them.

Since I became born-again, I have attended WOFBI (Word of Faith Bible Institute). I have since realised that it was because God has a purpose for my life that was why I have never had police case or court case or been to prison since I have been eating with the devil almost 10 years now. It was not because of the jass or anything. I have also realised that vengeance belongs to God, so when I remember my father’s death, I don’t feel bitter again.

Also, since I became born-again, the cult members have been calling me, particularly the Chief Priest. He said I should come and handover. I said I have nothing to handover and he has been threatening me. On Saturday, he called me again and threatened me and I said he was the one that would die. I did not even pray about it. My plan was that if he threatens me again I will go to Calabar and kill him. This morning (Sunday, August 20, 2017) after service, I received a call and was told that the Chief Priest is dead.

My mission now is to remove those that I initiated into the cult who are in high position. I know that if I remove about 5 of them, Calabar will be at peace.

I am not afraid because when I was in the world, I have faith in jass, now that I have Christ; I believe that nothing can happen to me. That is why I am sharing the testimony for the whole world to hear.


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