What Friends and Loved Ones Said About Grandma Eve Enakimio

Family. Son and Daughter, plus classmate

Madam Eve Enakimio, You are looking 50 years. But you are Seventy years in Heart and Doing. May God Continually Bless you and Keep you more Radiant in Life. You shall Celebrate, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 etc. And God’s willing 100, and 105 years of Age. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Engr. Anthony Lawal

Greetings from my Wife, Rita Lawal and the Catholic Church of Assumption, Oko-Baale.

Greetings from Our Members at Holy Family Catholic Church, Ewupe, Ogun-State. Your indelible impression on the first Launching made, even before we purchased the Land is worthy of note and to be Remembered..How, you invited Two of your Woman Friends, to Grace the Event and supported the Idea and Project of the Church Planting at Ewupe, working with you as the First Secretary to the Church Project and now, the Church is ready and Standing.. Greetings from, Pa. Vincent Chukwuma, Mr. Emma Dibiagwu, Mr. Clement Onwuemene, Mrs. Vera Dibiagwu, Mrs. Philomena. Other names not mentioned. Extend their Greetings to you on your 70th Birthday Anniversary. Congratulations on your Birthday Anniversary Madam Eve.

Wao, what a grace

Happy birthday beautiful mother and woman of God, with a great love of God, a career for the poor and needy. Woman of faith, lover of all, irrespective of tribe, colour, race, nationality, Christian or non-Christian, your love is for all, children of God. you deserved this, to be celebrated, may God continue to bless you and your children for honouring you. Their children will do the same for them. Happy birthday dear friend. Lover of flowers and nature May you be blessed and always more joyous celebrations.

Rev Sr Clementina Emeghara

I really miss your being around

You just love exercise, Hope you still doing that. Never tired of discovering new heights, always studying something new. The great Yaba College of Technology lecturer. Able distributor of Union Dicon salt in the days, and an excellent caterer…

Christie Orizu (Union Dicon Salt staff)

Holy Family Catholic Church, Ewupe, will always remember you, in their Church Project take off, with the first Launching with you and your Women Friends that Grace the Occasion that year 2007.

The Church is Standing and fully established. I can but, remember your zeal, enthusiasm and determination/Commitment to God’s Work. Congratulations on your Birthday Anniversary Celebration coming up on the 19th August 23..Five days after the Solemn Assumption Ceremony of our Blessed Virgin Mary, (BVM). May God Continually Grant you Peace of Heart and Mind. Amen!!

Happy Birthday Anniversary of a Beautiful and Wonderful Soul

When, I know you, the zeal for the House of God’s work consumes your thoughts. As you will attend the Fresh Flowers for decorating the Big Altar of the Church at: St. Peter Catholic Church, OTA, Ogun-State, Nigeria. Part of the Foundation Development of Holy Family Catholic Church, Ewupe, Ogun-State, and prepared the first set of Flowers for the newly created, Catholic Church of Assumption, Oko-Baale Sango -Ota, Ogun-State. We at These three Churches in Ogun-State, Nigeria. I wish you well on your Birthday Anniversary Celebration in Good Health of Mind and Body. Amen!!

Engr. Anthony R. B. Lawal

At 70, Auntie is an embodiment of attributes that many aspire to have in perhaps three lifetimes.

Highly optimistic, fearless, creative, and adroit with so much swag and pizazz to charm and take down a large army of resistance, she marches on even now. On top of it is a hallmark of charity and magnanimity, her life path strewn with love for the less-endowed and struggling. She will share her last piece of bread with you. A true Nigerian, she is highly detribalized. She relates to everyone irrespective of tribe, creed or nationality. Highly mercurial she is the true definition of ‘multi-dimensional’ as she has hands in quite a spread and remarkable footprint of ventures. Enmeshed in a lifelong quest for knowledge, Auntie continues to refresh, recharge, renew and be relevant in the course of transitioning generations. Happy birthday Auntie E! We celebrate a true woman of substance @ 70!


Celebration of an icon@70.

Years back I was sitting with my brother at our uncle’s birthday party, Uncle Felix’s birthday and we couldn’t take our eyes off her, then I said to my elder brother.. “This woman is so full of life” and he nods his head in an affirmative way. It isn’t her birthday but she danced with so much energy and happiness.

Then I searched for her on Facebook and here we are.

She’ll always reply to your messages and respond accordingly. With time, I got to know she’s a free-spirited person, kind, encouraging and very understanding.

Your days shall be long and filled with beautiful memories, just as you’ve made many lives around you beautiful. Myself and my family is wishing you the very best of birthdays mummy.

Thanks for all you do ma

We love you ma.

Keep conquering and prospering on all grounds.

God bless your new age mummy.

Live on ma.

Michael Omowu (Cousin)

Mama flower

Surprised by the name? Of course not because that’s where we first met, I saw a beautiful bed of flowers in St Peter’s Catholic Church Ota Ogun State in Nigeria when I resumed as associate priest.  I was curious to meet the beautiful hands that made heaven appear on earth, till that evening when I saw you at work, I approached with a smile and got a warm hug

How best can I describe you than a loving soul of God who has a great passion for serving the poor yet mingled with the rich.

Evelyn the Church in ota longs for your flowers and beautiful alter cloths

Birthdays are inevitable, beautiful, and very particular moments in our lives! Moments that brings precious memories back, we celebrate the present times and give hope for the future.

you have added another candle of knowledge and wisdom to your life. May it give you the power to enlighten the whole world.

I believe that no matter what condition you are in when someone close to your heart remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday, you feel happy

The Holy Mother Church is proud of you, we love you. Today, we celebrate you on your birthday, and we wish you joy and happiness.

Be a Saint

Fr Lawrence Ogundipe, SDV

Delegate Superior of the Vocationist Fathers in Africa

Milestones should always be acknowledged, especially when they concern people who are very dear to us.

So you can imagine how great it is to send 70 to Mrs. Evelyn Enakimio, as she steps up to the 7th floor today.

I met Evelyn in 1975 at the then NBC/TV. We both worked in the Drama department and since that time we have been friends and sisters, supporting and encouraging each other in many ways. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious and her capacity for hard work is amazing but her most inspiring attribute is her love for learning. Evelyn is a lifelong student but despite several qualifications, she still bagged another master’s degree just 5 years ago, when she was 65.

Now at 70, and having been a huge blessing to friends and family alike, I pray that the Lord continues to provide for you and protect you and bless you mightily with divine health, peace and joy. May your family enjoy your wisdom bund laughter for many more years. 

Congratulations on your 70th birthday Eve. Have a beautiful celebration.

Sending you much love.

Bimbo Oloyede

Happy Birthday in Advance my dearest Aunty E.

A woman of substance and love. You treat everyone alike with dignity and love.

Though you’re my mother I also call you a friend. Our relationship has blossomed over the years, our conversations are always from the heart.

I still remember many years back when you visited me on my farm and we spent time gisting.

Sometimes in life, it’s the little moments that are most cherishable.

I honour you today on your Birthday. I Thank God for your exemplary life and I look forward to spending many more moments with you.

Thank you and God bless always.

Osigwe Mohammed

Happy birthday Eve

By God’s grace, you will witness more happy years. Enjoy yourself.

God knows you have worked so hard to keep your nucleus and extended family together.

Your love for all who come in contact with you knows no boundary.

You are the epitome of love and care.

May God bless and keep you.

Expect more joyful years in Jesus’ name

Chief  Kemi Adebiyi

Happy birthday to a friend and mentor!

You are a wonderful person who has touched many lives with your kindness, wisdom, and generosity. You have been a source of inspiration and guidance for me and many others. You have taught me so much about life, work, and friendship. You have always been there for me when I needed you, and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement.

You are not only a friend and mentor, but also a role model and a hero. You have achieved so much in your career and your personal life. You have overcome many challenges and obstacles with grace and courage. You have made a positive impact on the world with your passion and dedication. You have shown me what it means to be a leader, a learner, and a lover of life.

You deserve all the happiness and joy that life can offer. You have earned the respect and admiration of everyone who knows you. You have made a difference in the world with your actions and words. You have left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday party tomorrow. I hope you celebrate your 70th year with pride and joy. I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated by me and everyone else who knows you. I hope you have many more years of health, wealth, and happiness.

You are a friend and mentor who is one in a million. You are a friend and mentor who is priceless. You are a friend and mentor who is simply the best.

Happy birthday!

Love from Nkechi Maku and family.


My good friend and associate is 70 years old

Madam Evelyn, thankful to God for the privilege given to you.

You are a wonderful counsellor

You are a de tribalize individual

Compassionate Associate

Wonderful knowledge seeker (obtained M.sc @65)

Extraordinary Mentor

Selfless Helper and giver

Uncommon element with a positive mind, always

My sister, my office mate at work. Congratulations ma

It’s been a privilege knowing you   since 2005

Lawal T.O (FICP ;MNIN; ACIPM ; P.hd(in view).

God bless you at 70!

Your determination to achieve your educational goal at your age is one of the qualities in you that everyone needs to learn from.

God bless you at 70!

Dr Gberevbie Daniel of Covenant University

Happy 70th Birthday to the best Aunty in the world

I celebrate you!

And I love you

Efe Sophia Fofah (Niece)

Mummy this is the day the Lord hath made we’ll rejoice and be glad in it.

I will start with my days in Yabatech, as a part-time student, every weekend we gather and kickstart the management class with “Prayer time” “Sacrosanct”

Mummy, I remembered how I shared with you that staff were coming to me to learn how to operate a forklift and you inspired me to start my forklift school, you inspired me to build my company while I work as a forklift operator in flourmills, you gave me your lawyer who happens to be your family member back then in Apapa, you made a CEO out of local boy like me. Your entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to build other streams of income myself. I left being a forklift operator to practice as an accountant I never stopped my forklift dream.

I join the world to celebrate your 70th birthday, your life had been a tremendous blessing and a source of inspiration to many of your students.

I wish you a glorious birthday celebration, this 7th-decade celebration will not be the last of many to be celebrated.

I love you dearly ma.

From one of your favourite boys ISAAC Hezekiah N.

Mummy sacrosanct,

That’s what we all love to call you, meeting you the first day in school was an amazing experience for me, I was so surprised with the show of love from every student In our department, that really prompted me to want to know you, fortunately for me you became my lecturer and I was the class governor at that time, that’s how the awesome relationship started with you, mummy you love going out of your way to helping people, you may not have what that person needs at that time but you will go and borrow and give to the person, I can’t but call you am epitome of love in its true sense, have seen you do some many good things for students and people you don’t know from anywhere ,that’s the reason I responded swiftly when you called me about daddy’s health(your husband),I quickly left what I was doing in Ojodu Berger and went straight to the hospital to donate my blood, mummy sacrosanct ,I learnt so much from you about been selfless and also rendering service to people, when I became the president of my department in school I was adjudged to be one of the best president ever in the history of NABAMS.

MUMMY SACROSANCT, as you celebrate your 70th birthday I pray for divine grace for you to live long and eat the fruit of the love, care and support you had given to others in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Danny May Obi

Great Tributes to Madam Evelyn Enakimio!

Happy birthday to you as you ascend the 7th floor of perfection. I decided to celebrate the life of God Almighty in you! May God’s glory continually arise and shine through you. Although, you are not an Architect the blood of Architects flows through your veins and bubbles via your arteries. This is evident in your love first for Covenant University, and second for our young graduates from Architecture school in Ota. You have served as a bridge that connected some of them to the fulfilment of their dreams to study abroad, especially at Lincoln University and other Universities across Europe and America. The first time I met you, I mused to myself, “What is this  Grandma’ looking for in the University community? Little did I know that you have just bagged a degree from Covenant University, Nigeria. What a courageous giant stride in the late 60s then. In what precision will I describe Lady Evelyn? A masterpiece in the hand of the highest? A lumpsum of potential -clay on the potter’s wheel? What a piece of wonderwork is Evelyn in the potter’s house! In work, how like an Angel? In apprehension, how like God’s image? The beauty of the world, the Paragon of a lovely-friendly-virtuous woman? Congratulations on your 70th birthday. God bless you richly IJN.       

Peter Adewuyi ADERONMU (Ph.D Architecture); Deputy Dean, Faculty of Built Environment Studies, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria.

Evelyn Dear,

Just like yesterday we left at St Teresa’s College Ibadan in 1970 and are celebrating 70 years on this journey of life.  I will say it’s been a joy to journey with you…

Is it your disarming smile that has earned you friends wherever you step in and in all works of life or your can-do spirit one cannot want to emulate in addition to your insatiable love for education… what can one say about your giving and giving that comes so easily to you… It’s amazing that despite all the challenges of life you still find time to give reverence to Almighty GOD and you have no apology for that coupled with an unsatiable love for His worship.

I wish you all the best and remember that 70 is the new 21 so don’t forget those earrings they define you.



Idiat Amusu

17th August 2023

Happy Birthday To A Worthy Noble Queen

Set apart a rare gem, God’s gift to humanity, an educationist who took after her late father DR. THOMPSON OMATSHEBI IDEDEVBO of blessed memory.

She’s a very good caterer which led to the establishment of Adam and Eve restaurant and numerous outdoor catering services.

As a philanthropist, she helps the less privileged in our society to achieve their dreams.

Hardly a dull moment with her, an ever smiling attractive mother so gentle with a sweet voice.

She hates oppression and does not encourage laziness.

She’s a very devoted Christian and has rendered so many services to the growth of churches and their societies.

She has unquestionable integrity and is a disciplinarian to the best of our knowledge.

We pray our Mother Mary continuously intercedes for you and grants your heart desires as you mark your 70th birthday and many more years to the glory of God in Jesus’ name. Amen.

From the IDINYES

Evelyn @70

To the glory of God, I rejoice with my childhood dear friend as she is stepping into the 7th floor. Beautiful, intelligent, brilliant(who got a degree at 65)caring, religious, young at heart & always on the move lady. A very active past president of STC old students association, my confidant, my close friend, August baby, a princess, Mama Gbogbo, a Teacher, a worshiper, a friend of the Catholic church, always ready to bear the burden of those in need. A humble lady that can mix with any class. I celebrate God in your life as u celebrate your Platinum birthday. Wish you many glorious decades ahead in Jesus’ name.

Bunmi Hannah Onadipe STC classmate

Aunty Evelyn Enakimio,  

I will start by wishing you a happy platinum jubilee; 70 years old today 17th August 2023. As an educator with degrees from Lagos State University (LASU) also from the National Open University of Nigeria obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Education as well as teaching in the Yaba College of Technology, imparting her wide knowledge to the younger generations, she is truly a gem and also helps the needy with a foundation she operates in Sango Otta, Ogun State of Nigeria. I’ve known you all my life and I’m really glad to have been able to reap from your wide fountain of knowledge. Aunty this is just the beginning of your golden age, we pray to God for great health, happiness and joy and we will always appreciate your advice on how to live a great life as yours.

On behalf of the Agunbiade and Otobor family, I will like to say a big happy 70th birthday.

Mummy Enakimio is a woman that has touched many lives. Very passionate about the success of young people. As a student then, you know the joy of gaining admission into higher institutions reaches a crescendo when you have met your lecturers and then discover their uniqueness, teaching style and more if they were relatable and student friendly.

In our days in YABATECH, Mrs Enakimio was an exception. As your lecturer, she was not going to just teach you from the curriculum and leave rather your personal development and productivity is also important. In fact, you must have your success story with her. God so help you she discovers your ability and capacity. She will stick her pillars of support behind you until you become your best. Her classroom then was always full to capacity not because we were coarsed or forced to attend her lectures. The expectation of who mummy will discover next, and who she would be using to illustrate the benefits of personal development subtly created a positive competition among us the students. I could remember that since the day she brought a lady mechanic to our class my perspective towards earning income changed which I am grateful for.

Both Christian and Muslim students were carried along as ” prayer was sacrosanct” before and after each class and if a Christian prayer started the class then a Muslim prayer ends the class or vice versa.

Her efforts to make us add vocational activities to our academic pursuit were embraced by a lot of students and some of us with entrepreneurial mindsets took it a notch further. I took advantage of the contacts she provided us with in different vocational areas to learn vocations. I combined studying accounting and learning Event management. Today I have made more money in event management than as Accountant

So much to say about you mummy! This other daughter of yours is super grateful to have met you and also, I like it that you still look a lot sixty. I love and really miss you.


 –  Ada Anioji

Grandma (as fondly called in the Department of Psychology, Covenant University) bagged her Master’s degree in her mid-sixties and the way she doggedly attended her postgraduate program remains worthy of emulation. As a matter of fact, some young students (undergraduates) couldn’t match her energy and tenacity.

It didn’t come easy but she held on. She had a lot on her plate but she had a desire to finish well and she did everything she could to make it happen. Grandma would despair whenever her grade fell short of A, it’d take lots of ‘cognitive assurance’ to keep her mind at rest. She wanted to be the best and she put every effort in it. I’m glad to have met her; she remains an inspiration. 

Grandma, on this special occasion of your 70th birthday, my prayer for you is that your strength will never wane, your sight will never dim, and the joy you radiate will never cease. May you experience grace every day of your life. Congratulations and Happy Platinum Jubilee, Grandma Evelyn.

Dr. A. O. Elegbeleye

(For Faculty and Staff of the Department of Psychology, Covenant University).


“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever.”

We can only give thanks, praise and adoration to the King of kings for the life of a wonderful woman of repute, Madam Evelyn Enakimio as she marks her 70th birthday anniversary.

I am privileged to have known a wonderful soul like you in my life’s journey as a Catholic priest. You represent alot of things to many, however, for me, you are simply godly in your dealings with people in respective of who they are.

A humanitarian to the core, who will go to any length and often times out of her way and convenience to help fellow human beings in need. I celebrate your simplicity, courage, determination and confidence in service to humanity.

Words are insufficient to describe your person in totality at this milestone celebration of your life.

“Emmanuel School of the Deaf” can and will never forget your kind gesture and generosity towards their welfare and sound education for this, you are blessed and wonderful. We celebrate your kindheartedness.

Continue to enjoy good health of mind and body, may God almighty continue to bless and keep you for many years to come in order to continue to fulfil your dreams and aspirations in life. May you continue to enjoy the fruit of your labour in continued good health of mind and body.

Congratulations and happy birthday.

Rev. Fr. Vincent ZANNU.

To God be the glory for the great things he has done!

It’s another special day to celebrate an angel, to rejoice and thank God for the wonder of your being and giving you to us in this life. Your selfless sacrifices, generosity, love and passion for the work of God is second to none.

I pray specially for you on this day that God will continue to uphold, sustain, bless and favour you for many more years to come in good health, peace of mind, abundant joy, and fulfilling grace to continue to be a blessing to the world.

Many happy returns Ma and cheers to many more years.

Rev Fr Yomi Sobiye HFCC OTA

Happy 70th Birthday to Evelyn Enakimio my only Queenie!

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to be my mother. Without you, there would be no me, and without some of your sacrifices, I wouldn’t experience the joys of life the way I do now. Your strength is admirable. You stand where most fall and you just keep going. You are beautiful inside and out. I pray God keeps you for many more years, to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour. There is nothing I wish for more than for you to experience joy to the fullest. As a mother, you have loved me in my wrongs, my rights, my strength, my weakness, my failures and my successes. You have loved me through the seasons and even accepted all my little quirks. I am grateful! I celebrate you today and always because of who you are. You are cherished and I hope you always know this.

I love you. Happy Birthday

Forever yours,

Onome Evie Enakimio (My last Daughter)

Our Dearest Grandma Of Yabatech

What can I say unto the Lord, all we have told say is Thank you Lord for our dearest grandma of Yabatech. Wishing you many more wonderful life filled with happiness and joy unspeakable in Jesus wonderfully. Amen. Grandma of many parts: her relationship with students at all levels is cordial, timely and useful. She approaches dealing with all enthusiastic as well as considers people’s challenges as her own. Grandma, the Lord will grant you sound health and long life. You will not know sorrow in your lifetime. Your children will flourish and your grandchildren will stand out among their peers. Happy 70th birthday ma. It is a landmark, Relax and eat the fruit of your labour. Many happy returns in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Obembe  Ladi. Lecturer Colleague YCT

My Dear “Big Cousin” Sister Evelyn,

On this particular day, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for having you as my big cousin sister. Your unwavering support, guidance, and love have been a constant source of inspiration. From sharing laughs to lending a listening ear during tough times, you’ve shown the true meaning of family.

Your presence has not only made many journeys smoother but also brighter. Your wisdom and kindness have guided many through countless challenges, and your encouragement has helped many reach for the stars. Your generosity knows no bounds, and your warmth has created memories that will cherish forever.

As we celebrate another year of life, I want to celebrate you for being the incredible person you are.

Happy birthday to you, and here’s to many more years of joy, adventure, and unforgettable moments.

With much love and appreciation,

Traore,  Ed

To My Dearest Biggest Auntie:

No other best time to express how special you are.

You are the true meaning of Family.

Your love for my family and your care is second to none.

You are always ready to listen and proffer advice and/or solutions to every situation I found myself in growing up. Your kindness and your ability to brighten your environment are just an embodiment of who you truly are.

As you celebrate your big 7th floor,  may God bless you. You will see your children’s children in good health, Wealth, happiness and General Wellness.

We love you Biggest Auntie Evelyn. Thank you so much for all you do and for keeping this family together in love.

Happy Birthday once again… Remember,  you are #special. You are beautiful and wonderfully made by our Lord God Almighty. So, keep shining, keep winning in Jesus Christ’s Name

-Cuz Dafe Anderson-Otunu

When I think of my mother the word that comes to mind is- STRENGTH!

My mother is a strong woman. Period.

She’s generous, she’s kind, she’s giving, and she’s selfless.

The road to 70 has not been easy, but with every hurdle, she has risen to victory with grace and class and non-stop praise and thanksgiving to God, her maker.

Evelyn Enakimio as a mother is a fierce warrior, who will go to every length to fight for her children. As an educator, she believes in the power of education and pushes for academic excellence, and believes age is not a barrier to getting an education- she herself is a living example.

My mum is a woman of worship- NO MATTER WHAT COMES HER WAY, SHE WILL WORSHIP!

My mother is HARDWORKING!! Heaven can testify! her hands are never idle, she is industrious and believes in the dignity of labour.

My mother always has a smile on her face and welcomes all.

Though she is my mother, I am NOT her only child, she is a mother in Israel- a mother to many, from students she has taught on her course of life, to strangers she has taken in.

My mother is special, she is the definition of Proverbs 31: 10 -31 woman.

My childhood memories are so rich because my mother made sure she was present and actively engaged in our upbringing, as a mother myself, I look back and I respect, love and admire her for that because E NO EASY!

From the depth of my heart, long may she reign, and she will eat the fruits of her labour.

Happy Birthday to the forever queen of my heart.

Zaynab Enakimio-Adenuga

To a wonderful Mama,

I’m honoured and privileged to have been one of your numerous ‘Sons’. Your very large heart and indefatigable spirit are qualities that I will always admire. You showed me that nothing is impossible and that whatever you put your mind to, you achieve.

Your kindness, humility and cheerful spirit make you priceless.

With you, momma, I can say I’ve truly encountered an Angel on earth.

On this day, I want to wish you a joyful heart and perpetual happiness. You are one in a million ma. May God continue to bless you.

I love you, mum

Dr. Oluwabusayo Aborisade

A Blessing Beyond Word

Meeting Grandma Evelyn has been a Blessing beyond words.  I met Grandma during our entrance exams for Masters in Covenant University precisely in 2016. I was so amazed with the way she was Humble to relate at our level, her big Vocabulary was super interesting and exciting each time I listened to her. She’s filled with So much knowledge and Wisdom.

Fast-forward to when we got admitted into the school, “GRANDMA” became a household name at Covenant University.  Everyone knew me and Grandma together including my younger brother who’s now married and also a Dr at the same University; I and Grandma were both in the same department.

It was interesting seeing an elderly Woman in her Sixties (60) with so much Live Energy and Zeal to know more!!! I was super motivated seeing that Grandma was bagging her 2nd degree in Masters. (Who wouldn’t be?)

Grandma wasn’t just a coursemate to me, she became a Mother in every sense. Always looked out for me and my Younger Brother, as we always cruised in her car at the time.

Grandma Eve is also a TIRE LESS Giver; not just in Material things alone but her words that are Seasoned with GRACE, her Counsel has helped in major decisions of my life even after school and I give God the Glory for this. Today, we are not just coursemates but Now a BIG Family as I can relate with my other Siblings (Her Children) with ease!!!!

MUMMY, as Scripture says in Psalms 103:5 who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles. I pray that this and many more Blessings be accrue to you this new age and beyond in Jesus name Amen.

I love you Dearly GRANDMA! My Husband and Our Daughter your Grandbaby as well. We pray for Many Glorious Years ahead in wellness of mind and Continuous wealth even to a Full Old age 120 years if Jesus Tarries. Happy birthday Ma.

Rosemary Ivie Osuma Ayeyo

You are indeed a MOTHER

I first met Mrs Enakimio (Popularly known as Grandma) during my master’s studies at Covenant University. She was also a master’s student at that time. My elder sister who was also a master’s student was in the same department with Grandma. She kept telling me about one “Grandma” who was highly knowledgeable, strong, beautiful, and fashionable and speaks a big vocabulary.


I wasn’t interested at first but her constant persistence made me follow her to greet this Grandma in one of our general lectures.

My first encounter with Grandma made me startled to the point that I had to reconfirm her age because her energy level was like that of a teenager. After that day, I got very close to Grandma because of the wisdom, passion, enthusiasm and love she has towards learning and academics.

In little to no time she became the most popular postgraduate student in the university at that time. I remember her Volkswagen hatchback car which she drove every day to the university environment even during weekends. That car became our family car she would always offer to drop my sister and me off after evening general lectures.

Aside from her love for education, she is a Christian, a loving mother, a giver, a businesswoman and much more importantly a child of God. I remembered when she helped one of my cousins to gain admission to one of the renowned higher institutions in Nigeria.

Connecting with Grandma is indeed a blessing to me, I pray that this milestone would launch you into higher realms of exploits, glory, wealth and grace in Jesus’ name Amen!

I sincerely LOVE you, Grandma, thank you so so much mummy. You are indeed a MOTHER.

You shall live to see 100 years in sound health in Jesus’ name Amen!

Dr Godswill Osagie Osuma


#prayer Time

 I’m raising a glass to you on your 70th birthday today! Congratulations to you ma’am! A great grandma, mother, teacher and friend, a good companion who never looks down at your status before flowing with anyone.  Happy Birthday Wishes for a Great Teacher: There is always that one teacher who stands out from the rest. The teacher who shows care and concern for the students as if they were their own. Those teachers may be rare, but that doesn’t mean they are not there. Teachers like those are to be shown love and care just as they show you. I remember when I first meet you in my class @Yabatech ND 2d while people referred to the Difficult class, You introduced, Transformational Leadership style to make ND 2 d class the best class that year, I can’t forget your impact.

Happy Birthday to the best teacher. Mrs Evelyn Enakimio wishes you more years to celebrate in thy lord.

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My lovely Aunt is 70

I am a man of words, but words fail me this time. My lovely Aunt is 70. Time flies indeed! I don’t call you the Iroko Tree for nothing. You were indeed the community centre, the rallying point for taking on battles on behalf of the low-spirited, oasis in the desert for those who have almost given up, beacon of light for those lost at sea. Some of my best childhood memories were visiting your home. I mean, who has three deep freezers filled with all manner of cooked delicacies, and the icing on the cake was that it wasn’t rationed and there was no embargo? The cheque was blank. You could eat whatever you wanted as many times as you wanted in as much portion as you had the capacity to gobble. Such a big heart, the only issue is you assume everyone has such a big heart. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Happy 70th Birthday my Fashionista Aunty!

Kess Fofah

Thank You For Being Such An Exemplary And Visionary Mentor

Many years ago my quest for knowledge and path for excellence grew intensively. As a young vibrant accounting and finance student who longed for that extra vibe and mentorship handling, fortunately came across Mummy when she was newly introduced to us as a management lecturer. She is one of a kind who goes the extra mile to ensure her teaching shows a reflection of who we are not minding religious or cultural views.

I will never forget her Modus of Operadus. She instils in us that ”Prayer time is sacrosanct”, and this spiritual act has always spearheaded all engagements before the lecture proper.

Mummy combines morals, entrepreneurship and a wealth of experience in her deliveries, which I personally gained from and has made me who I am today.

Celebrating 70th birthday is not a surprise to some of us. This is Grace speaking loud.

Her passion for God and youth development has influenced and created a huge impact on young generations who desire to walk in such pathways. She is just the best at what she does.

On this day, I want to thank you for being such an exemplary and visionary mentor; you have been a great leader who has selflessly dedicated a significant portion of her life to helping young individuals such as myself find the right path to follow. I greatly appreciate and cherish everything you have taught me ma.

Happy 70th Birthday to a strong woman who just keeps getting stronger.

Much love from your student, turned son.

Once more, congratulations on your 70th birthday.


Humphrey Ohaegbulam.

Ex. Student – Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech)

My Truly Amazing Aunty Ève – Everything is Possible

“Today, we celebrate a remarkable woman who has defied time with her vivacity and unwavering work ethic. At 70 years young, she continues to inspire us all. Her zest for life is infectious, and her dedication to hard work is truly admirable.

I met Aunty Ève when I first joined our Alumni Association in Lagos in the early nineties. She was president and I was her   Secretary.  Truly an amazing partnership. We have remained friends even after our tenure expired.

Through the decades, she has shown us that age is just a number. Her determination and resilience have been the driving forces behind her many accomplishments.

She has proven that with passion and perseverance, one can achieve anything at any stage in life.

Her enthusiasm for new experiences and her adventurous spirit are an inspiration to us all. She has embraced every challenge with a smile, turning obstacles into opportunities. Her laughter and energy light up every room she enters.

As we honour this incredible 70-year-old woman today, let us remember that age is not a limitation but a testament to the wisdom and strength that come with the passage of time.

May her boundless enthusiasm continue to inspire us all to live life to the fullest and work toward our dreams with unwavering determination.

Happy 70th birthday to a vivacious, hardworking, and truly remarkable woman!

Your legacy of resilience and passion will continue to inspire generations to come.

Yejide Wyse


Lovely And Humorous ‘Mama’

Miss Evelyn Enakimio, fondly called “Mama,” is a lovely and humorous person. Chance brought us together and made us colleagues, but the fun and laughter we share don’t only make us friends but mom and son. Her goodness created the difference between a workplace and a nice place. Mama is that amazing person who makes things better wherever she goes. Thank you for always putting smiles on people’s faces. Never underestimate the difference you make and the life you touched. Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, and most importantly, motherly advice. May your 70 years turn 7 years, and then you start growing to another 70 years. More love and wisdom for mankind. You are special and will always remain in my life. I hail your new age, MAMA.

Michael Egbe

A colleague at (Disability Support Professional) DSP. Washington DC, USA 2021/2022

Happy birthday to a friend and mentor!

Mummy Eve,

You are a wonderful person who has touched many lives with your kindness, wisdom, and generosity. You have been a source of inspiration and guidance for me and many others. You have taught me so much about life, work, and friendship. You have always been there for me when I needed you, and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement.

You are not only a friend and mentor, but also a role model and a hero. You have achieved so much in your career and your personal life. You have overcome many challenges and obstacles with grace and courage. You have made a positive impact on the world with your passion and dedication. You have shown me what it means to be a leader, a learner, and a lover of life.

You deserve all the happiness and joy that life can offer. You have earned the respect and admiration of everyone who knows you. You have made a difference in the world with your actions and words. You have left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday party tomorrow. I hope you celebrate your 70th year with pride and joy. I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated by me and everyone else who knows you. I hope you have many more years of health, wealth, and happiness.

You are a friend and mentor who is one in a million. You are a friend and mentor who is priceless. You are a friend and mentor who is simply the best.

Happy birthday!

Love from Nkechi Maku and family.

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Greater Heights in Jesus’ Name Amen. What a great lecturer/ teacher, very down to earth. A wonderful mother. I remember one of her quotes during our ND days in Yabatech. “Chicken shit money doesn’t smell”.  She made me understand the principles of management then and indeed I passed the course. Her smiles alone are something else. I remembered helping her in selling her Edmark products then. A businesswoman and above all a lover of God.

Evelyn Enakimio mummy mummy you are loved. We love you Ma, God bless and keep you. You shall celebrate 100 years in the Name of Jesus Amen.

Isamegha Stanley Oluchi

Your Former student, Yaba College of Technology

Who is Mrs. Evelyn Enakimo? 

To most Dicon staff it does not ring a bell.

But when you say ‘ADAM AND EVE!’

She is known all over the place.

One of the most prominent distributors of Dicon Salt in 1985.

She introduced Dicon Salt to Ibadan, Akure, Ondo and Ogun state markets when Nascon Salt became a problem to us that we could not penetrate the market. Adam and Eve earning as low as 5kobo per bag will use her transport not minding the risk to see that our product Dicon Salt was accepted in the market.

 Adam and Eve remembers everyone’s birthday in Dicon Salt and she will package food and send across.

Honestly she was more of a Dicon Staff than a distributor because she so blended with the staff that all Dicon staff functions, she was always there.

When there is management conflicts Dave will always tell her, and before you know it she has come with a solution. 

She is such an Amazon, unique and ever ready to help anybody that comes her way.

One thing about her is that she is always SMILING or LAUGHING, you begin to wonder if she really gets angry.

You need to see her discussing with my boss Dave Douglass, the CEO & owner of Dicon Salt, all you hear two offices down the hall is laughter emanating from Dave’s office.

She pumps into the office and says ‘Helen how are you? Is Dave in?’ before you know it she is already sitted charting with Dave.

I’m talking as far back as1985 Adam and Eve has that American accent which made it easier for Dave to communicate with her. Their discussions are always very long because they go on and on talking about the whole America.

Adam and Eve will send me fish on my birthday every 11 march. When she called again to say Helen happy birthday, I said ‘Adam and Eve, what of my fish?’ She replied I’m now in America.

She was so loved by David Douglass because she carried Dicon Salt as if it was her personal company. You see her put all her energy in what she does and you see good results at the end.

There is nothing like failure in her dictionary. She always bull dose her way.

Anywhere she goes to touches lives. Where there are conflicts when she enters into it, consider it settled with that her smile.

Honestly speaking she is such a workaholic. 

She loves reading and attending schools from Yaba College of Technology to Lagos States University LASU and then Covenant University. Amazingly she will always distinguish herself in her academics and come out with a First Class. My second son Marvin is a testimony of Adam and Eve love till today. In all of this she is humble, respectful and loved by all who come across her.

A caterer who became a Dicon Salt distributor. Before you knew it she started supplying fish and also cooked food. Before you open your eyes she has convinced the management to have their own canteen.

Catering being her specialty, she was the one supplying all the food stuff needed to cook for over 500 factory workers excluding management staff. During management staff meeting the Distributor and caterer will take care of all our guests with her exquisite dishes.

I can go on and on but space will not allow me.

Helen Awah

Dicon Salt

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