WhatsApp To Add A Third Blue Check To Help Prevent Cyber Threats

The popular messaging platform, WhatsApp is set to Unveil a new feature that will help increase security.

Present reports which surfaced online recently showed that the platform would add a third check – or blue check mark – that will be in addition to the two existing ones.

The idea behind this is to prevent cyber threats and raise users’ awareness of the privacy of messages and information that a person chooses to share on the app.

Should the third blue check be brought in, it will inform people when a screenshot of his/her chat has been taken, as well as issue a warning about sharing information such as bank details.

As of now, if a message is sent over WhatsApp, the first tick indicates that the message is on its way and the second is there to show that the other person has received it.

A while after, once the message or messages have been read by the person receiving it, the mark would change colour from grey to blue.

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