Why I Dump Chemical Engineering For Sport Management — CU Graduate, Sammie Ajoku

Sammie Ajoku

 Sammie Ajoku is a passionate footballer and athlete. The Chemical Engineering students from Covenant University, Nigeria, discontinued that route and followed his passion to study for a Sports Management degree at Coventry University, UK.

That move saw him working on different sports projects on campus. While studying, Sammie was the Sports & Wellbeing officer for the Coventry University Student Union. In that role, he coordinated all sports activities/programmes for the various University sports clubs and teams and managed the different leadership structures for the sports club committees. He was responsible for maintaining/implementing the right safety standards for student sports at the University.

During the pandemic, Sammie developed a passion for mental health awareness, and has continued to explore this within the sports context. While working as the Sports and Wellbeing officer at the university, Sammie initiated and hosted the “Talk like a man” men’s mental health podcast, where he facilitated various conversations around mental health.

His passion for mental health also extended into his academic research — his degree dissertation explored mental health awareness among male black grassroots footballers in England. Sammy is graduating with a first class.

Outside of academics, Sammie plays semi-professional football with the Leamington Hibernians football team. He also played for the Coventry University football team. He is also an experienced athlete, who has won various awards in athletics right from secondary school till now.

As a result of his positive impact, Sammie received the Coventry University Student Union Community Impact Award of excellence, for his immense contribution to improving student life through his mental health.

Sammie believes people have a right to inner peace and wellbeing. He believes everyone should be given a shot in life.


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