Why We Go Against Increment of Fee in AAUA-Student Union Reveals (Read Statement)

By: Adesola Ikulajolu

The Student Union of Adekunle Ajasin has stood on their ground over the proposed fee hike and has revealed why they don’t want any increment.

This was contained in a Press Release made available to edutorial.ng on Friday.

The release which was signed by the Union President, Comr. Ijanusi Olawale (Optimum) highlighted the various reasons why an increment should not be an option for the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN government.

The release also pinpoint the major lapses of the Ondo State Government and advised not to resort to tuition fee increment.

Read the statement below:


We address this international press conference to state categorically and emphatically the stand of the Students’ Union over the proposed increment of the tuition fee of the students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.

On the 9th December 2017, Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu made an emphatic statement that there would be an “upward review” in the fee paid by students of the institution. Having properly amained that statement, however, with due consultation with the rank and file of members of our Students’ Union, we, therefore, make the following statements:

  • The Students Representative Council, being the body directly representing the interest of the students, having consulted with the students from all departments in the university, and vehemently reject and stand against any increment in the school fee.
  • The current Students’ Union under the leadership of Ijanusi Olawale, having consulted with the general populace, parents, relevant stakeholders, have also come to a conclusion that any form of increment is unjustifiable, anti-masses, anti-student and anti-worker.
  • The government, through its parastatals, has been giving a pathetic but flimsy excuse, such as the Commissioner for Information giving the reason for the increase as the disparity in the school fees of AAUA and other Ondo State-owned institutions.
  • We make bold to say that the government by implication wants to make life unbearable for the masses; the children of whom dominate the student of AAUA.
  • The Students’ Union is of the view that, if the government has not increased its funding, how does it turn around to increase the fees of students? Are students supposed to pay for its irresponsibility and nonchalance towards its own institution?
  • For the past ten (10) years, the Government have been saddled with the responsibility of managing the current fee. If they can do it for this long, then the Government can do it for more years. If anything must be changed at all, it should be the government attitude towards its institution.
  • We make bold to say that AAUA is an oasis in the desert and a reliever of the burden of educating students of Ondo State. Many of our students are children of the masses, petty traders, self-sponsoring physically challenged individuals and children of civil servants who survive on low income and/or inconsistent salaries.
  • If the proposed school fee is favourable, it will not be suggested that we pay twice.
  • If we can recall, it is notable that during the previous economic recession faced by the nation, the previous government of Ondo State did not make such move as increasing the tuition paid by students in this institution; and today, the university management/State Government parade with a non-realistic figure of expending five hundred (N500) on each student on daily basis
  • The recent claim by the university management cum the State government that it spends Five Hundred Naira (N500) on every student on daily basis is not only preposterous and iconoclastic but can also be likened to the myopic claim of the Nigerian government of spending Fourteen Thousand Naira (N14,000) on each inmate per day; it is absolute falsehood. An institution that makes its students pay for every service offered to students and has never provided some dire basic academic needs such as free internet, substantial health services is making such frivolous claims.
  • The government should increase the Internally Generated Revenue of the University to alleviate the financial woes of the institution.
  • AAUA has a history of producing outstandingly brilliant students such as the popularly known Awe Fredrick, Opeyemi Alonge, Faith Falade, Kazeem Olanrewaju etc. Consequently, the Rotimi-Akeredolu-led government intends to dismantle history right before our eyes.
  • The statement of the Commissioner for Information, that AAUA has a faculty of Engineering is evident enough being a fact that the government lacks adequate information about “its own institution”, and this shows the government’s lack of vision and passion for the welfare of the students of AAUA.

It is imperative we make the State government, under the hegemony of Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu recall one of its promises towards education during the electioneering process. He stated categorically that there would be no iota of increment in the tuition fee should he emerge as rumoured earlier. Coming up with a contrary decision against his promise can be termed as delusion and hanky-panky exhibited on the path of the government.

On a final note, we wish to categorically without fear or favour reiterate that we will vehemently reject any form of increment and that we will not allow ourselves to be subjected to any form of intimidation, oppression, victimization and threat, as traditional and conventional reactions to our past comrades. Any attempt attempted by any attempter to infringe on our legitimate rights, will be met with massive resistance by the rank and file of students and notable dignitaries across the country and diaspora.

In a nutshell, we say NO TO INCREMENT IN SCHOOL FEES!

*God Bless AAUASU!

*God Bless AAUA!

*God Bless Ondo State!

*God Bless Nigeria!

Aluta Continua; Victoria Ascerta


Ijanusi Olawale

AAUASU President

Awosika Ayodapo

AAUASU Senate President

Adekunle Ayo-Lawrence

AAUASU General Secretary

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