Without Fees, UNILAG Will Die -VC

Prof. Folashade Ogunsola, UNILAG VC

The UNILAG Vice-Chancellor, Professor Folashade Ogunsola, said the burden of running the universities in Nigeria was becoming unbearable and that unless the financial burden is shared, there could be no university to run again.

She said despite the government paying the university’s workers’ salaries, funds currently generated in a year could not run the university successfully for a month.

She said for almost two decades the university had not increased its fees, and that following the high inflation in Nigeria, the reasonable thing to do sustain the institution was to introduce “modest fees.”

“The truth is that the charges had been going up for quite some time but we kept managing in spite of the inflation. And honestly in the last three years or thereabouts, we have been having deficits of about N1 billion annually. And we have been cutting down our costs to give quality education. But we can’t live on philanthropism.

“Our expenditure has continued to outstrip our income. Our roles as lecturers shouldn’t be to be going around on how to make money but we are supposed to be thinking, doing research, and engaging in serious community services. We are losing lecturers per second because the university system does not work.”

Ogunsola said the university is pauperised, and that the engagement with the students, parents, and other stakeholders on the new fees had commenced in January.

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