Workers’ Well-Being: Psychologist Tasks Organisations On Employment Of Counsellors

A Professor of Counselling Psychology,  Afolasade Sulaiman, has called on organisations to employ functional counsellors to ensure the well-being of people and optimise professional best practices.

Sulaiman, of the Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling Psychology, Lagos State University (LASU), made the call while delivering the institution’s 78th Inaugural Lecture on Tuesday in Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the lecture was entitled, “Preventive Counselling Intervention: Improving Well-Being Of All”.

She applauded the existence of a counselling unit in LASU but advised that the unit should become a centre to facilitate effective service delivery and optimise best practices.

“This will further enhance the counsellor’s role in ensuring proper adjustment of every individual to ordinary day-to-day developmental challenges.

“It will also probably eliminate the need for remedial or compensatory counselling intervention.

“Counsellors are mandated to be more disposed to preventive counselling than remedial or compensatory counselling in their service delivery to maximise the extent to which they can be broadly helpful to individuals.

“The populace needs to be informed about the presence of counsellors and the importance of their services to individuals and the community in general,” Sulaiman said.

 She added that there was the need to extend counselling services to communities through enlightenment programmes using the mass media.

“For proper integrative religious counselling, mainstream counsellors should receive adequate training in the two major religions in the country, the professor said.

 She defined counselling as personalised assistance provided by a counsellor for a client to make wise and realistic decisions on his/her own.

 “In other words, the counsellor does not advise; he or she only provides appropriate intervention strategies, which can lead to worthwhile decision making and adjustment,” Sulaiman said.

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