World Class State of Adekunle Ajasin Varsity Library

Ikulajolu Adesola

An interesting adventure today as I paid a visit to Adekunle Ajasin University Library. This is honestly not my first visit neither is it my second but today’s visit gave me an opportunity of entering into some sections in the Library.

Carried away by the beauty of the building. I stared at myself at the glass wall in front of the building. As I step into the building, I was welcomed by a warm smile from a young looking lady (even though she must have been in her late 30s). Before being allowed into the reading room, my access card was checked.

Did I tell you I went in company of two other people? (My bad, so sorry). With me were the Ajasin Chapter President of National Union of Campus Journalists (NUCJ), Mr. Joshua Oluwakuse and his friend. He (Oluwakuse) was on a project that involves content analysis and he requested my assistance.

The Campus was half-dry with few students going about with chargers and extensions (that is a regular thing anyway) looking for where to charge. Luckily today, Electricity supply was available- no school generator.

As we step into the section where we were going to skim through some Newspapers; I was dazed at the height at which newspapers were arranged.

Looking at my height (if not more than 6ft), the newspapers’ were almost reaching the ceiling.

Right inside of me, I asked these questions like “do students visit here to read newspapers?”. “How do they manage to stack those papers there”?

Well, just as I was ruminating over those questions I had moved close to one bundle of the paper.

As I move nearer, I discovered that the Newspapers had been piled up according to Months and Years. Another interesting thing is that each Paper had their space (Punch, Guardian, The Nation, Nigerian Tribune, The Hope, Vanguard, etc).

I lifted a copy of Guardian Newspaper, glance through and drop.

Immediately, I picked TheNation Newspaper (I guess the date is May 11,2017-Thursday or so).

I went over to my favourite column, CAMPUSLIFE and just as I was flipping the pages, I saw a report by my boss, Odeniyi Solomon Aspiring. The story was on a Convention we had attended at the University of Ibadan. I was glad to read the story.

The picture caught my attention, only then did I notice that the man beside me (Oluwakuse) were among those who posed for the group photograph (he snapped the paper anyway). I could see the publisher of BIOGRAPHER

Magazine, DrRaphael James right there in the picture posing with Chapter Presidents of NUCJ.

Just right beside the Convention story is a news of the AAUA election that brought Ijanusi Optimum Ohlawhale” to power. What a nice report by Mr.Odeniyi. I am sure the Editor, Mr. Ajetunmobi Ridwan Olawale must be happy with the crop of correspondents at his disposal (with me inclusive. Lol)

We had spent about an hour in the Library.

Others were busy with the resource materials that we had come for while I was busy checking through Newspaper for juicy stories.

Getting lost with the stories on The Nation, my colleague tapped me to go. I had no choice than to return the papers. I didn’t leave without taking a look at the arrangement of other papers. Being left behind, I ran after the others as shut the door behind me.

As we were making our moves down the step, I thought to myself saying “AAUA must have been on the lookout for stories concerning the institution”. Abi!! Are they really encouraging students to read Newspapers? Different rhetorical questions.

But whichever ways, AAUA must have done well by piling up those reference materials. No doubt, that the University Library at Ajasin University is world class, no wonder it bagged the “Best State University”.

Students only need to visit the Library to read up materials. There is no excuse whatsoever. Those who say they don’t have a fund to purchase a paper can freely go to read Library and Read current and trending stories.

May be someone might just think up and visit a Library to have an unexpected experience.


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