“You are Getting Old,” – Oyedepo tells Covenant University Students

Ayo Ajayi

Just before Covenant University students vacated their campus to commence First Semester and Christmas holiday, the Chancellor of the University, Dr. David Oyedepo, on Friday, December 2, 2017, charged them to become what he called “Man-Child” saying “You are Getting Old.”

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Now we chant the Covenant University Anthem but we don’t catch the words therein. It is important to catch the words of your anthem. It is supposed to be your song of victory for life.

“We’re a Covenant generation

 Pursuing excellence

 Redeemed to reign

 Learning to lead

 We are bound by an oat

 Obeying rules to rule

 Making kings of youths

 Flying high on Covenant wings…

Knowing what it takes to make kings of youths. Unfortunately, in our culture, you can decide to be a child until you are 50. “Pele o omo, soti jehun?” You can even marry into your father’s house and be eating from your mother’s pot at 60. Our culture is as careless and destructive as that.

But Covenant University came forth with a “Man-child” system behind our philosophy. A ‘man-child’ system. Making men out of children, helping them to take responsibility and secure the dignity of their destiny. “And a child shall lead them Isaiah 11: 6.”

I will like you to go from here knowing that you are already getting old. I once rolled out a list of teenagers who are making marks in various fields of human endeavours and are CEOs of their companies. You are getting old. You are considered a standing citizen at 18, not a baby. There are those in your class who are sponsoring themselves. Not changing figures to deceive your parents. Not making non-existing demands, not fabricating receipts. You are getting old.

My grandmother raised me as a ‘Man-child’. I earn my first income in year three of secondary school. I came from an above average family. According to the story, my father bought the first brand-new lorry in my town the year I was born. So, I came from somewhere where I don’t have the need to work. I got married by myself, so I can own my wife. I mean you are getting old.

I bought my grandmother a set of furniture to change where she was taking her breakfast at the age of 20. You are getting old. You are still crying, running after your mother at this age? You don’t have to. You don’t have to create concern everywhere. They can’t ask you where you are going at this age.

Not too long ago, we had the 50th Anniversary of our secondary school and the people I saw there were the serious ones when we were in school. Surgeon this, Lawyer that, etc. They were the serious ones. I never found those play-boys there. I will like you to go from here with the understanding that you are getting old. You should be able to tell yourself, ‘I am getting old, my peers are causing wave around the world, I am getting old. I should sit-up and teach myself the things I cannot learn from my parents. I am getting old.’

And a child shall lead them. That is the whole essence of Covenant University training platform. We are out with an averred commitment to engaging the ‘man-child’ system of education where each person can stand on his own. One of our young men here was selling bread to pay his school fees at Covenant University. Someone in Landmark University, when the father died and the mother a petty trader, got into fish farming and he is exporting fish to the Benin Republic and sponsored some of his colleagues in school. You are getting old.

You get home and schedule your time. You know what you are doing per time, not loitering about putting your trouser below your buttocks. That’s not the way to live. Only serious people make serious marks in life. Wake up, you are getting old. If they ask you what he told you, you tell your parents he told me I am getting old. If you don’t behave like a baby, they won’t treat you like one. You have to behave like a baby to be treated like on by your parents.

Take responsibility and tell yourself you are passing through this age once. You can’t be 19-years twice. You can’t be 20 twice. If you like go and swear an affidavit, it won’t affect it. You can only be 20 or 21 once. You better wake up. Even nature can trust you to become the president of your nation at 18. So you have a responsibility. If you want to be one of those waves of ‘man-child’ leadership, then wake up and take responsibility.

Now, let me show you some children like you in the scriptures. Daniel 1: 17, “And as for these four children,” were they four adults? Hello, what did your Bible say? ‘As for these four children,’ they were children. When the King bow down and worship Daniel, he was a teenager, Daniel 2: 46. When he was providing answers to save an army of wise men, he was a child. You are getting old. You know how the world would feel to find you on your mother’s lap now with feeding bottle. It’s an eye saw. Wake up, you are getting old.

Perhaps you have some challenges in your studies, what an opportunity to revert it by settling down somewhere. All those atrocities we are seeing are done by people who don’t know where they are going; and those who know but won’t be committed to getting there. O otherwise, how can a Covenant University student be caught cheating, it an insult to your person and insult to your parents who have spent all their lives to get you down here. At the root of it is people don’t know where they are going.

Please reflect on this Anthem. That is the proof of your membership of this community, Wisdom’s call for change

Inspired on fire

With courage marching on in grace

God’s own arrow shot for glory.

Covenant generation arise

Light and knowledge to shine

Glorious foundation stone

Leadership skills to show

Departing from knowledge

To empowerment

Legalism to realism

Wisdom’s call for change…

I will like you to depart from here with a change mentality. I am going to be programmed because I must be listed among these waves of ‘man-child leadership that God is bringing on the planet earth.

I am going to read out few of those names who are teenagers and how they are impacting the world in their respective areas. These are in sciences and literary arts. They are in your age group, so there is nothing new.

  • Adora Svitak, at age 12 as published 2 books. She has spoken at over 400 schools
  • Philip Hartman – young inventor of the year at 15
  • Farrhard – top young Indian Entrepreneur at 16
  • Mark Bowe at 17 founded 11 companies and 3 Foundations
  • Stanley Tang – instant bestselling author at 17

Too many of them. Just to let you know you can make anything happen at your age. So get back home this time and programme your life for progress.  You don’t become a Lawyer by wishing so, you go to school by training so.

Parents of today should beware of destroying the future of their children. You must refuse to dwell on the accomplishment of your parents because it’s not your own. Wake up to add colour to their lives and so you will.

Nobody must be found going somewhere without a purpose. You must not join your hands with someone going nowhere; otherwise, you end up nowhere. You must make your choice to live a highly responsible, disciplined, focused and visionary life. Remember, no one ever arrives at a future he cannot see, and no one arrives at a future he did not prepare for. Be diligent; be committed to what you are doing. Be determined to make the most of it, and you will.

It is with these parting words I release you to your season of a new beginning. That you leave here today and you don’t think as you used to think before. But think yourself getting old and need to wake up. Think yourself waking up and adding value. Think yourself waking up and not causing your parents any concern. Think yourself waking up and think of what to add as colour to your parents. Waking up and see what ways to help them. By so doing, you see your life shining brighter and brighter on to the perfect day. These things work.

The Covenant University system should make a difference in your life or perhaps, you are not destined for such a difference. So wake up. The good news is, there is no limit to your rising. Take the limit off your destiny and wake up and work.

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